If you have "no place to go," come here!

Can we please stop using that stupid "Bush legacy" meme?

God, this is stupid. Christian Science Monitor:

For President Bush to pull off a legacy in the final 19 months of his presidency...

[Reach me that bucket, wouldja, hon?]

Bush's legacy is already massive and extremely substantive:

Forget about the greatest strategic disaster in American history; that part of the Bush legacy is a no-brainer.

Let's talk about turning us into a nation of torturers; ; that's the Bush legacy.

Let's talk about the destruction of Constitutional government and its replacement by authoritarian rule under the putative theory of the unilateral executive; that's the Bush legacy.

Let's talk about stacking the Supreme Court with Republican operatives who wrote the theory of the unitary executive; that's the Bush legacy.

Let's talk about infesting the entire Federal government with Christianists and Republican operatives, moles, and sleeper cells who are going to sabotage, legally or illegally, anything a Democrat--let alone a progressive--tries to do; that's the Bush legacy.

It's going to take us a solid decade of hard work to reverse the damage Bush has done. That's some legacy.

NOTE We could start with a Truth and Reconcilation Commission, to bring everything Bush has done out of the darkness into the light, but that would be just a start.

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