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Campaign Updates and Media Headlines 8/25/08

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All Hat No Cattle

CNN Forced Obama to Send Early Text Message (Political Wire)
Sen. Barack Obama planned to name Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate by text message at 8 a.m. ET Saturday morning, but was forced to move up the announcement when CNN broke the story after midnight. The message instead went out just after 3 a.m. ET.
So the 3 AM text message wasn’t meant as a slap at Hillary? Sure. And he was only scratching his cheek, not giving Hillary the finger, in Pennsylvania. If you’re going to be a low-down, dirty dealer, Barack, don’t try to make excuses for it.—Caro

Here’s what’s really happening at the convention:
Tensions boil between Obama-Clinton camps
DENVER — As Democrats arrived here Sunday for a convention intended to promote party unity, mistrust and resentments continued to boil among top associates of presumptive nominee Barack Obama and his defeated rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton… One senior Obama supporter said the Clinton associates negotiating on her behalf act like “Japanese soldiers in the South Pacific still fighting after the war is over.” A prominent Obama backer said some of Clinton’s lieutentants negotiating with the Obama team are “bitter enders” who presume that, rather than the Clintons reconciling themselves to Obama’s victory, it is up to Obama to accommodate them.

In fact, some senior veterans of Clinton’s presidential campaign do believe this. “He has not fully reconciled,” said one political operative close to the Clintons, “and he has not demonstrated that he accepts the Clintons and the Clinton wing of the party.” While the Clintons have a relatively easy job in Denver — to deliver gracious speeches and accept what are likely to be loud cheers from their supporters — it is “Obama who has the heavy lifting” this week, this aide said. This is because large numbers of Clinton backers — 30 percent in a recent ABC/Washington Post poll — are still not backing Obama over McCain.

Here’s what the Obama campaign told the media about what is happening, that many in the media have dutifully reported:

As Democrats gather, Obama's still wooing Clintonites (McClatchy)

Obama camp downplays Clinton backers at convention (AP)

Clinton delegates are unhappy, but ready to move on (McClatchy)

N.Y. congresswoman says Clinton will vote for Obama, release her delegates (On Politics, USA Today)

Stories The Obama Camp Should Be Forwarding (by Big Tent Democrat at TalkLeft)
Here's one, via Glenn Reynolds: “Florida Sen. Bill Nelson said he talked with Obama last Tuesday and put forth two names: Biden and Clinton…” Look at how Nelson frames the issue. He says he recommended Clinton and Biden. He makes it seem picking Biden is a nod to Clinton. That is the type of framing I would use if I was the Obama campaign.
Yes, but you’re not doing their framing, Armando. THEY’re doing their framing, and their framing is built on hatred of both Clintons—and their supporters.—Caro

This post is not an instruction in how to vote (by Avedon Carol at The Sideshow)
White activist liberal Boomers and the black leadership are not the ones who've been responsible for couching every issue in terms of party politics rather than in terms of the impact of policies on real Americans, but all of this "post-partisan" and anti-"politics of the past" language comes across as a slam against some of the best and hardest-working people in American politics. Attacking them for their age, their "old" way of thinking, and for their alleged racism has not been endearing. (The added insult of charging some of them with being bitter old women or caught in an also bitter Oedipal struggle hasn't helped much, either.) And it's wrong. That passion and analysis "of the past" is precisely what's been lacking and desperately needed for the last 30 years.
Click through to read the whole post. It’s a very important essay.—Caro

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