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Campaign Updates and Media Headlines 8/18/08

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Bought and Paid For! (By Nancy Pelosi) (video, by GeekLove)
[Click through to see] my latest video working again with Dr. Lynette Long's excellent piece "Bought and Paid For!" on how Nancy Pelosi's PAC to the Future paid of Superdelegates to support Obama. “Superdelegates weren't counting how many of their constituents had voted for Senator Clinton or Senator Obama, but rather how much money was being put into their war chests by the Obama campaign and the Democratic hierarchy. This money, moved from one candidate to another via PAC's, would determine their endorsements and ultimately the nomination.”

Time To Worry? McCain By 3 In Colorado (by Big Tent Democrat at TalkLeft )
So say the Rocky Mountain News poll: “Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama are neck-and-neck in Colorado, solidifying the state as a key, swing area that will be pivotal in deciding who becomes the next president of the U.S… Overall, Coloradans favored McCain 44 percent to 41 percent, but the gap was within the poll's margin of error of plus or minus 4.38 percentage points. McCain also had a slightly higher approval rating, 55 percent to 53 percent, also within the margin of error.” This is the first time I have seen a non Rasmussen poll with McCain leading in Colorado. Yes, it makes me worry. Colorado is pivotal to an Obama electoral map strategy. I thought he would win it easily.

PPP Poll: Deadlocked in Ohio (Political Wire)
A new Public Policy Polling survey in Ohio shows Sen. John McCain catching Sen. Barack Obama. After two months with Obama in the lead, the race is now tied at 45% each. Key findings: "Party unity is an issue for Obama in the Buckeye State. While McCain has an 89-7 lead with voters who identify as Republicans, Obama has a narrower 75-17 edge with Democrats. Delving deeper into the numbers, it appears that residual unhappiness from Hillary Clinton supporters could be the cause."

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Submitted by badger on

is why would Pelosi support Obama so strongly?

It could be because she believes in hope and change and unity ponies.

Or it could be that she knows, like a lot of us believe, that he's inexperienced and largely incompetent and that she can easily steamroller him.

Which, in some respects, is about the best you can hope for.

I don't think there's a third alternative, unless it involves very large sums of money.

Submitted by Paul_Lukasiak on controlling the process. Clinton knew precisely what she wanted to achieve, and her administration would have been at the forefront of any negotiations on bills that were a priority for her -- leaving Pelosi (and Reid) with the job of vote wrangling to support her bills. Obama doesn't really know what he wants, so Pelosi and Reid will control the process of negotiations, 'compromise', and divvying up the pork.

In other words, under Obama Pelosi will be able to enhance her personal power and be able to reward her allies and snub her enemies. Under Clinton, Pelosi would have far fewer opportunities for personal aggrandizement.