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Calling Out Obama’s 'Good Cop' for More Mass Murder Act!

Norman Pollack in “White House on Message” writes:

So, Dempsey and Hagel on the Hill spreading the message of war, covering the ass of Obama so as to make him look reluctant and forced into a decision he had already made. This is a delicate maneuver. It must not look like insubordination. Only humility before the Chief in giving advice that is their sworn duty to provide—however presumably distasteful to them in discharging their responsibilities. This is as intended, giving their words greater solemnity and effectiveness.


Obama has ruled out ground troops. Does anyone believe him–and should they? His pattern is, deny but send up authoritative spokesmen to the Hill, build up public sentiment, and REVERSE the position quickly when no one seems to be looking–or rather is becoming habituated to permanent war as the path to national honor.

Has USG tried to talk to ISIS? Of course not: to talk is weakness, esp. unworthy of the Global Leader. Obama has proven by his record that he thrives on war. War commands political respect. more deaths than ISIS ever will.


Here New York Times reporters Mark Landler and Jeremy Peters, in their article, “U.S. General Open to Ground Forces in Fight Against ISIS in Iraq,” (Sept. 16), sketch out, maybe inadvertently, the game plan.

Ground forces prepared, ready to be deployed, IF necessary, the “if” a matter of presidential discretion, and we know our man in these contexts. Already we see, Iraqi troops appear untrainable, Syrian rebels, unreliable, thirty nations in the Great Meeting of Support, rushing for the door when it comes to ground troops.


ISIS, WMD of our time. To light a fire: White House, gathering within itself the military and intelligence communities, sends out Gen. Dempsey and Sec. Hagel to testify before Senate Armed Services—feeler about war while Obama mouths peace. The old trick, a trial balloon, while POTUS sits pretty and has deniability. The important thing, build war sentiment, feed the public a steady diet of war propaganda. It is working.


Why deny American superiority? Obama rides the crest of the ethnocentric/xenophobic wave, ideological crosscurrents that spell e-x-c-e-p-t-i-o-n-a-l-i-s-m. Bingo. The corporate state subsumes its militarization. Obama has transformed himself from POTUS to Commander-in-Chief: vacillation, the Hamlet-like façade, is for the purpose of concealing a seething underneath.

Pollack contends that Obama enjoys a “geopolitical vision of US unilateral control over the global system.”

Will Obama’s “lesser evilism” ever get old and ineffective? Apparently not before his allotted eight years of the destruction of the constitution at home as well as the destruction of international law.

There are no “moderate” rebels to be trusted, trained and equipped with weaponry. But Obama uses that to procrastinate as media and "bad cops" acclimatize the citizenry for more war.

The Obama preliminary strategizing re ISIS is pure bullshit, but cowardly Congress is on board!

ISIS seems to have exhausted its covert “frenemy” usefulness for the Obama faux-humanitarian interventionist neolibs and their war-mongering neocon buddies. Hey, incidentally, Obama turned out to be a successful, though craven, community organizer after all. The neo-libs and neocons plan and execute mass murder so bipartisanly well together! Full bipartisan will for full spectrum dominance.

Obama has Assad in the cross-hairs.

With Iran right beyond him.

With Russia beyond Iran.

With China beyond Russia.

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize gets more and more Orwellian with every passing and bloody year.


Obama’s audacious dream.

But with Obama, it is all amiably covert thanks to deft pr "good cop" razzle dazzling bullshit.

And as bloodbaths escalate globally, Obama will be chastised by those maniacal and oh so DANGEROUS “bad cops” like John McCain for not having moved fast enough with the US/NATO war-machine, evidence once again of his supposed "lesser evilism". Another craven layer for that veneer of faux-progressivism when he is just as amoral, maniacal and dangerous. But what the hey, in America, it is about style not substance. Gamesmanship not statespersonship. Collateral damage of foreign civilians, so not a biggie.

How much easier on the collective citizen conscience to follow this consistently mendacious, faux-reluctant US President Obama into more mass murder than a Republican overtly non-reluctant one!


IT SHOULDN’T BE EASIER AT THIS POINT. We shouldn't obligingly be led down another garden path to more war and mass destruction.

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