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Calling all construction geeks, again

Here's another shot of the building going up downtown:

To me, this looks like my worst fears have been realized: Styrofoam covered with stucco. OK. spraycrete, or whatever they call it, not stucco,

But still. Is this how buildings are built these days? It doesn't look to me like this building is built to,last, especially given Maine's winter.

NOTE It's a bank, so it's almost too rich that the trope of solid stone blocks -- the way banks used to be -- is faked.

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Submitted by techno on

Environmentalists claim that plastic lasts forever, so why don't you believe them? I personally think styrofoam is an excellent building material and has a MUCH higher insulation rating than stone.

My question is, Why the hell do you care how a bank building is constructed?

If you are so worried about someone else's project, why don't you go and introduce yourself and ask to see the blueprints. And since you probably don't read blueprints, why not ask to see the models and drawing the architects used to sell this project?

Submitted by lambert on

... much more than I trust the blueprints or the people who made them. And one reason I don't is that (a) the firm fired its architect, and engineers completed the plan, and (b) the building as built doesn't match what the town was sold.

I don't care about the building because it's a bank, but I care a good deal about the process by which that building was put in place. It's a local politics thing I don't want to go into right now, but you can imagine....

Thanks for the green link.

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Submitted by jo6pac on

The local High School was just rebuilt in Tracy, Calif. using Styrofoam to make it look just like the old one and it's easily done with systems like the one on the foam factory site. Sorry there were no good before and after pictures.

Then another point of view

Then again I agree with techno ask the people building it or like I pointed out last time the city will have blueprints on record and sometimes they are online with pictures of the finished building. Stop walking by the project then it won't be such a bother;)