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Calling all chart geeks!

I am looking for charts that look like this:

I can think of three charts where two lines, basically parallel, diverged in the mid-70s, and one started growing exponentially, and the other stayed flat.

One that everybody knows is income growth by percentile; another is flat wage income vs. exponentially growing non-wage income; a third is life expectancy for the waged (flat) vs. the non-waged (increasing). All three charts have a similar shape, and in each case the divergence started in the mid-70s.

Too lazy and too late to find them, but I'm sure you've all seen them.

But I think there are a ton of other examples, but whenever I see one, I think, "Oh, I'll remember that one" and of course I never do. So, readers?

NOTE Could be anything. Doesn't have to be financial. Just the two curves, diverging starting in the mid-70s.

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Submitted by hipparchia on

i've been thinking back to the mid-70s too and wondering which charts to marshall in support of what is still at this moment just a nebulous postualte rolling around in far corners of my brain. since it appears you are about to do at least some of my work for me, i will provide you links to all the charts i can think of.

first one (i'm going to have to go looking for the others), productivity v real median family income:

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also, thanks for reminding me of that post.

Submitted by hipparchia on

there are some other versions of that chart floating around the interwebz, showing more countries, but that's the only one i remember the location of. if i find any of the others, i'll post a link.