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California Green Party candidates for statewide office

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California Green Party announces 2014 statewide endorsements

On the heels of a record number of California Greens elected in an odd-numbered year (20), the Green Party of California (GPCA) announces its official endorsements for the June 2014 primary: Luis Rodriguez, Governor; Laura Wells, Controller; Ellen Brown, Treasurer; and David Curtis, Secretary of State.

California has an open primary system, where Democrats, Republicans, and any emergent party candidates run in the same primary with a run off between the top two. This works against emergent parties.

Anyone from California? Anyone know anything about these candidates?

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Writes on just about every site huffpost to FDL and here's some info on her. She also is over at Washington blog at times.

Carl Herman at this site below has proven that almost all states have cash on hand and are not broke. There are two budget paper is the state of Calli one is 36 pages used by the govt. and press. The real one is 378 pdf and show Calli has around 900 billion on hand and only 200 billion is pension money. He also works with Ellen Brown on trying to get the state of Calli it's own bank. Jerry said when running for office he would look into it then once in office veto it.

We could ask Lambert to ask Ives about Ellen Brown. I don't know the others but will be voting for this ticket. I look into it more when I'm able, thanks for the posting.

I'm going to be off line for a few days may be as I'm taking the pc in to have some upgrades done and not sure how well my laptop will work.

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I'l try to remember, although I am uber spacey right now.

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A classic case of the two legacy parties working their duopoly.

I honestly think the only way to delegitimize "the two party system" is to set up something parallel. Which is why lets's IVCS posts are so interesting to me.

Great news, however, on Ellen Brown.

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