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California Dreamin': Shooter nods off during wildfire cabinet meeting

cheney_nodsSomebody must have changed his meds; or he's been staying up late, watching the latest torture videos that Admiral Mike sent over. Or planning for war with Iran. Or all three! Who says the man can't multitask?

CBS 13 video here:

A news crew was taping a cabinet meeting at the White House as the president was giving a briefing on the California wildfires.

The news crew caught Cheney as he appeared to be nodding off.

Or maybe Shooter just finds human suffering dull (at least the kind he hasn't personally caused).

Well I got down on my knees (Down on my knees) And I began to pray....

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But when the it the vice-nodder-in-chief, who has the arrogance to put the use of nuclear weapons on various tables, this incident reminder us that yet another imperfect human being with limitations just like all of us, indeed, sharing one of those very human limitations, shouldn't be in the position to wield unchecked power over the lives his countryman, the lives of millions around the world, which was one of the most deeply held recognitions by the founders of this country.

A man who nods off while on the job shouldn't be talking about the unitary power of the presidency, and btw, one set of workers who don't nod off on the job, firefighters.