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California Assembly passes single payer

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Will the Gropinator sign it?

A universal health care plan is headed for the governor's desk again.

The bill by state Sen. Sheila Kuehl, a Santa Monica Democrat, would create a state-financed Medicare-for-all style system to cover all Californians. It cleared the state Assembly on Friday by a 43-31 vote.

The plan would be funded through state and federal appropriations, patient premiums and co-payments limited annually to $250 per person or $500 per family.

How much do you pay in health care premiums? Readers?

I bet it is a lot more than $500.

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Thanks. And now, I must go paint.

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Thanks for writing about this! Again, great work.

$500 a year per family?! Would the co-pays be included in this?

Wow, that would be a big savings. Most families that I know the details about pay half their premiums with the co. paying the other half--best insurance would be almost $200/month with $20 co-payments for PCP; $35 everyone else; and some co-insurance (up to 10% of various treatments, lab tests and x-rays, etc.); deductibles for some things like operations (often $250, sometimes 10% which could be much higher) and some services; and separate prescriptions deductibles for each person in covered family (often $100-250 each), plus prescription co-pay; vision and dental separate pay (won't include estimates here.)

$2400/year plus at least $200 (10 $20 co-pays), probably more with a prescriptions--say $3000-ish/year for family? (best case insurance and not much illness or prescriptions, no ops.) This estimate is probably low.

...if employer didn't pay half, would be $4800/yr. plus co-pays, co-insurance, and full prescription price (one prescription can be over a hundred dollars.)

And those that aren't in group plans pay $8000/year plus co-pays and no prescription coverage. (Not COBRA--just being insured as an individual family.)

So $500/year v. $3000/yr.; or $4800/yr. plus hundreds in costs; or $8000/yr plus hundreds in costs. That would be fantastic!

(Maybe the families could afford to eat and drive too then. Not college yet but this would be a huge help, especially if it were true, with only little increases, for the rest of your life.) Somebody said lots of people would change jobs if it weren't for the health insurance...Small business owners have to pay out a great deal to cover their employees too.

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as he did before, alas:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the 2006 version of the measure. His spokeswoman Lisa Page told The Associated Press that the governor does not believe Kuehl's bill is the right way to go for health care reform, and would veto it.

(from the linked article)

Policy not party!

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how many votes would an over ride require?