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Bye, Bye Bennett

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“If a man could have half his wishes, he would double his troubles.” – Benjamin Franklin

When the so-called “grass-roots” Tea Party movement began back in 2009, most on the Right jumped at the chance to support the group and pander to its followers. Without shame, they openly supported many of the ridiculous notions supported by the Tea Baggers, like Obama being a Socialist and the Dems, in general, wantin’ to destroy our fine country.

Perhaps they shoulda’ thought just a wee bit more about the potential outcome of such a “movement” gaining national recognition and power.

Just yesterday, the Tea Party took its first G.O.P. victim. Bob Bennett, three-term incumbent Senator, was given the boot in the Utah Republican primary. In his place, the “movement” has selected Mike Lee, a candidate that proudly pledges he will “dismantle the department of education”. Dang.

I can only guess, but I’d be more than willin’ to wager that the hidden corporate backers of the Tea Party only intended to reinvigorate the Right. Perhaps they wanted to recreate Obama’s “small donor” hype. Boy, did they miss the mark on that one.

The Tea Party, like ‘em or hate ‘em, are active and passionate about their “issues”, however ill-informed they may be. They want candidates that will toe their line to the letter, and they’ve already proven they will turn quickly on those who don’t. Turn like rabid, illogical, junk-yard dogs.

So, it appears now the Right will have to deal with their own little version of Ross Perot… over and over and over again in the upcoming mid-term elections. In addition to the Tea Party outing incumbents that have a likely chance at reelection, they have a tendency to pick candidates that are so bat-wing crazy that even the hard righties go running for the hills. Oh, Goodie!

The Dems, however, shouldn’t be too quick to think a split vote on the Right always leads to a victory on our side. The insanity of the Tea Party has caused one-too-many of the leaders on the Left to swing to the center and piss off their own voters. What’s worse… if the alienated voters on the Left don’t turn out in droves to support the “better than nothin’” candidates we got, we’re likely to end up livin’ under the tyranny of the loud minority. What a pickle they’ve gotten us all in.

Overall, it was the support from the Right-wing media and many shadow corporations that validated this “movement”. It was their efforts that helped the Tea Party grow into something powerful enough to cause their own boys to be booted from office. And it will be their problem when, one-by-one, the long-standing Republicans officials are taken to the political woodshed.

Well, perhaps the Righties shoulda’ remembered, be careful what you wish for, ‘cause you just might get it.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

These guys should have seen it coming since the Starr Chamber. A movement based on lies and hysteria only escalates. So the Republican version of Danton is getting purged.

Worse will come, and the Dems just sit there like a bump on a log.

The billionaire bullies behind this must be delighted, be sure that even now they do not comprehend the Frankenstein they have created.

Our country is in a world of trouble.

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Submitted by tarheel-leftist85 on

The insanity of the Tea Party has caused one-too-many of the leaders on the Left to swing to the center and piss off their own voters.

I'm afraid that this is a very dangerous assumption/assertion, in that we have more-than-ample evidence to suspect that the "left"--also known as (")progressives(") and the Democratic Party *writ large*--operate, by default (at least since the 1970-80s), on neoliberal ideology (aka, the "center," or the Washington Consensus). There is little swinging involved. We were never promised an antidote to neoliberalism by Obama; we were, at best, promised a rebranding of neoliberalism. And even with "good" Democrats, they can be said to be default neoliberals in that they will yield to their more overtly neoliberal colleagues (co-conspirators) for irrational considerations--process (filibuter excuse, implausibility), character ("i looked into Obama's heart!" or "help Obama be Obama!"), or outright lies (a la Howard Dean and his "uniquely American" excuse for censoring single-payer).

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Submitted by Salmo on

Being "anti-Bennett" was a selection criteria for delegates to the Utah Republican caucus. So, Bennett was targeted, not an unexpected casualty. Why the Club for Growth and Tea Party organizers would do this is open to speculation, but herding the rest of the Republican Senators to the right seems most likely to me. We know a couple of things for sure: 1) There is a plan, and 2) Politicians like Bennett (Snowe, Collins, Voinovich, etc. and even politicians generally) are not the planners.

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Submitted by madamab on

This whole Tea Party movement is focused primarily on the Republican Party, not the Democratic Party. Perhaps if people weren't so intent on having hysterics about them and calling them names, this would not be such a surprise.

Just Google "Sarah Palin" plus "Dede Scozzafava." Palin laid out the agenda way back then: purifying (socially conservatizing) the Repub Party. That's what they're all about.

It would behoove the Democratic base to flex its muscles in the same way, IMHO, and attempt to move the Party back over to the left,