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natlamp73.jpgDs to electorate: Vote for us or no glorious tax cuts later for you.



Look! Over there! Sarah Palin!








Fuck you, Ds.

As if the tax cuts weren't (a) an R meme to begin with, designed to (b) drown government in a bath tub, and won't (c) turn into another orgy of looting by the MOTU anyhow.

From The Department Of If It Were Going To Happen It Would Have Already Happened....

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

i won't bother to unpack that image. but it's telling, innit? the fact that it's from the "best" days of haavaad elite "liberal" "humor" only reinforces much of what we say here.

my family has many archive copies of the orignial "good days" lampoon of that time. i remember being offended, deeply, as a child, when i was naughty and looked at them even tho mom and dad told me i couldn't. the image that i really didn't like was in some issue about 70s liberal women. who were mostly naked, in that edition. the image that offended me was one of a dark skinned african american woman who was about the same color as my mom. she had a big afro, and giant fake wigs under her arms, representing her liberal "hippy chick" distaste of female underarm shaving. even at the age of 7 (or roughly that) i was disturbed. my mother actually has a compulsion about shaving (i don't) and at the time i remember thinking, "this is why my mother, whom i love, hates the way her body looks so much."

fuck harvard. always and forever.