If you have "no place to go," come here!

"But it's really GREAT shit, Mrs. Prezky!"

Or, in the not vulgate over at the Obama 527 That Used To Be Daily Kos:

But it does grate, immeasurably, when they feed us bull and tell us it's candy.

Or -- to return to the Vulgate -- when they piss on us, and tell us it's raining.

I remember, when I was a kid, getting all excited about the pictures of toys on the back of cereal boxes, and if you ruined enough of your teeth and saved the boxtops, you could send away for the toys.

The way I remember it, I sent away for a humongous red London double-decker bus.

And when it arrived in the mail, after about six weeks, it was a one-piece molding, without even wheels that would turn, blue, and plastic, not even metal like the Matchbox toys.

Feeling like that about the Unity Pony, Hunter? Tried to warn ya, but you guys purged me and a lot of others like me....

NOTE I love the headline: "Even Barack Obama thinks you're stupid." What do you mean, "even"?

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there was absolutely nothing in Obama's record that would have led any objective individual to believe that he was a champion of the Bill of Rights. Obama is black, and he was against the Iraq war before the war. From that many Democrats invested in him qualities which he obviously hasn't.

Put not your faith in princes.

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my immortal contribution:

when "they" hand us a cow pile on a plate,

and tell us it's spinach quiche.

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That Obama flames out so completely by the convention that people will reconsider Hillary? As far as I know, she still holds those delegates who voted for her.

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and a lot of people would be happy with that turn of events.

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However, I realize now what a delusion that is: the media and corporate interests are too heavily invested in Obama to let him slip (Yes, Clinton is a corporate-backed centrist but I doubt she could ever match the lure of someone fully backed by Chicago School economics). I mean, isn't it troubling that an unqualified man continues to survive a series of candidacy-killing scandals--especially as a Democrat?

The media is the major reason why I now doubt McCain will win: during a Democratic year, they refuse to show Obama is basically a DINO. The economic legacy of Bill Clinton, which Obama specifically trashed, ensured any Democrat would be the heavy favorite. And yet there is no reason to trust Obama will have any degree of competence in handling the global recession or uphold any Democratic principle. Quite the contrary: his ignorance about the economy (equating Bush I with Bill Clinton), in addition to his worrisome U Chicago advisors, and his contempt for Democratic principles show he'll be anything but what voters assume they'll get from a Democrat.

Unless the media starts scrutinizing Obama, most people won't know until it's too late. With McCain, the post-Bush blame will rightly fall upon the GOP/movement conservatism, triggering a full implosion. With Obama, his failures will provide the inspiration and time for the right to regroup and retake the country.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

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Obama is black, and he was against the Iraq war before the war. From that many Democrats invested in him qualities which he obviously hasn’t.

Don't forget that he's Cool, and thus supporting him makes *you* Cool. Just like buying Air Jordans makes you Michael Jordan... ish.

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My thoughts precisely. Besides, when it becomes clear that McSame is going to lose anyway the media will turn on him like sharks. It will be very amusing.