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Business Management Needed Badly in Executive Branch

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By now just about everyone has gasped at the sheerly ridiculous quality of David Broder's 'advice' in "An Opening For Democrats" to the Democrats to stop exposing crimes of the maladministration because it isn't what he thinks we people want. However, I am most amazed at his statement that:

Despite this (poll figures), the survey finds significant growth in support for liberal measures that would expand the role and cost of government.

To this I can only say, Mr. Broder is ignoring every lesson that we have learned about the government the cretin in chief is practicing. It is a government of such monumental ignorance and incompetence as to have astounded the public, and produced the present disrespect in which it is held.

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld is distinguished for total malfeasance, as was FEMA Chief Brownie. As Attorney General, Gonzales has disgraced his office and the Department of Justice, and told easily discernible lies about his attempt to remove U.S. Attorneys whose work was on a level of capability that this Department obviously doesn't like.

That makes sense, of course, if your intent is to commit crimes, as you don't like effective law enforcement being wielded against you. However, it is not a technique designed to improve the functioning of the Department of Justice.

But to maintain, as op-ed writer David Broder does, that public interest measures the public wants would 'increase size and cost' is blatantly absurd. I wrote a comment at the WaPo site which will surely be as ignored as good management technique is by the White House, and I am repeating it here;

The assertion that favorable attitudes toward public interest, here called liberal, measures would increase the size and costs of government stands out for its irrationality here. The size of government presently has been inflated by the executive branch's providing jobs for incompetent cronies - who need massive support systems. Hiring qualified personnel is a quite solid managerial technique which this administration does not practice. Costs also can be contained by competent personnel.

Of course trimming tax cuts to the wealthiest can provide a tremendous amount of support for the public interest programs needed.

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