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Bush's presser cheat sheet and the Middle East Clusterfuck

BAG news, as always, has great visual analysis:

The A.P. stole a shot of Bush's notes from his idiotic press conference earlier this week. ... [Via Bob Harris of the Huffington Post,] on the left are notes on the Middle East and Iraq. ...

The function of the left note, however, is strangely undecipherable. In general, an even semi-confident person would use the page to list a summary set of facts (as you see on the Katrina list) and/or a set of topics to remember. Bush's Iraq/Middle East notes, however, lists a set of phrases containing only vague generalities.

Well, I think that's harshing on Dear Leader just a bit. Why not say, with Assrocket, that Bush "speak[s] so evidently from the heart" that phrases are all he needs to prompt the flow of his excellence.

[Cough. 'Scuse me a minute. There. That's better.]

So, Bush has only "vague generalities" on the middle east. What does this imply?

This would imply one of four things.  One, Bush is so anxious (or nuts or narcissistic), he needs some specific language to "get him started"  and create a simplistic framework for the subject.  Two, the specific policy is so vague it can only be framed in the most simple generalities.  Three, Bush is so defensive about his policies (especially, the Iraq debacle) that these notes are cues to "trust me"-type rationalizations.  Or four, the Administration agenda (particularly relative to the Middle East and Iran) is so covert that Bush's intention, in terms of a public face, is simply to finesse the issue -- even if it makes him look like a moron.

Yeah, all things considered, I'd pick Door Number Four. After all, covert intentions have been central to every other effort the criminal Bush regime has undertaken.

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