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Bush To CA: Burn, Baybee, Burn!!!!

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While Air Force 1 or Marine 1 is in the area all air traffic is grounded. So Bush flew out to the California wildfires today -- meaning the helitankers and airdrop aircraft fighting the fires have to sit on the ground until AF1 clears the area on exit.

Look at that smirk.
Tell me he doesn't know his trip's interfering with the firefighters' air support.

I loathe, despise, and cannot stand this knucklehead.
California's Lt. Gov. spent all day yesterday asking him to stay away, on behalf of the people fighting the fires.

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Actually, it's the second time; the first was "Die In A Flood."

But I still believe
And I will rise up with fists!!

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Thanks in large measure to LtGov (Democrat) John Garamendi’s pounding on the issue, agreement was reached with Secret Service etc to let Bush have his meaningless photo op so long as all the firefighting effort continued uninterrupted.

From FAA flight restriction notification: [Warning! Site triggered a “Certification Error” caution flag but I opened it and am still OK, your consequence may vary.]


All approved flights are required to maintain continuous voice contact or squawking their beacon but that would be a requirement in such a crowded environment anyway. Bush gets his moment but without any negative impact, what a nice change of pace!

A large gallery of still pictures covering the fires can be found on the San Diego Union web page here.

Also breaking news on arson: San Diego Fire Chief on the tube discussing evidence that as in past multiple wildfire outbreaks, some of them are arson. Not all the sociopaths are on AF-1.

Now Bush and Arnie and DiFi are all lined up for a PR moment. I gag.

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I have purposely avoided all TV/papers/Radio since Monday night on the subject of the fires.

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what a pic. what a mug. and yea, let us all remember what (my personally approved gaggle o') portrait artists say about the left side of the revealeth the inner emotional state and be-eth tha truer gauge of character O YES! put your finger over that smirk and dig the dou demeana of da decida.

.delusions of un mundo mejor.

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appears firefighting flights grounded for Bush (19+ / 0-)

I'm overlooking Gillespie Field (Santee/El Cajon area), looking at a bunch of the firefighting helos on the ground, all engines shut down. They've been going nonstop for the last two days, so the lack of activity is notable.

From what I've been told, this is because Bush is flying into Miramar in a few minutes, and there is a total ban on all flights within a ten-mile radius while he is here. Gillespie Field is nine miles away and falls under that restriction.

Heckuva job, Bush. Thanks for nothing, again.

ANYONE can write something on a website. It doesn’t make it true just because you read it on the magical computer box.

by arbiter on Thu Oct 25, 2007 at 04:17:21 PM GMT

This is from an observer on the ground, folks.

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So much less painful than the network MSN. Saw that thread comment on the choppers at Gillespie Field, accepting as true it doesn't provide anything more than speculation as to why those particular machines are on the ground. Much speculation floating around and, as you said, Bush is a knucklehead, lots will get blamed on him that may or may not be actually the case. It was my local news folks who reported that the FAA was not puting up the usual blanket flight boundary so the firefighters could continue to work, and gave the credit to Garamendi. Not defending Bush here, please no mistake on that, but I am offering a defense for the CA state and local people who raised a fuss, kept their focus on taking care of business and didn't cave in. Not everyone is afraid of the Big Bad Wuss.

Rumors, rumors, but the FAA Bulletin is real, I promise, link was provided.

Sarah, you did confess elsewhere to sitting shiva on the liveblog site these last few days, I can only take so much altogether and then sleep is required so you win the brave soldier award not I. :-)

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Rancho Bernardo residents began their journey back home with a surprise today.

They were stuck in traffic for two to three hours sitting in their cars at a standstill because of President Bush's visit to their community.

Police and the CHP had blocked off Interstate 15 ramps to West Bernardo Drive, which leads to the recovery center that was opened yesterday. Cars lined up for miles on the freeway.

But let's look on the bright side. At least he didn't kill any motorcade cops. This time.

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I'm not a firebug. I'm not a firefighter. (Well, I can operate a fire extinguisher, if it's charged, but I have no idea how to refill one; and like anybody raised on any kind of farm can, I can dunk a gunny sack in a bucket and beat flames; but still...)
I've not been able to walk away from the SoCal fire news.
In that way -- and perhaps in no other -- it is much like Katrina was, for me; but during Katrina/Rita I got to volunteer at the local Red Cross shelters, so there was something I could *do* to *help* -- with this, not.
And it's only been one rainy spring since two-thirds of Texas (starting in Nov. 2005) burnt down.
Confession time: checked the current Notams and this is what I found:

We can admit that we're killers, but we're not going to kill today! ~ Captain James T. Kirk, Stardate 3193.0

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maybe some of those San Diego Republicans will get pissed off enough to vote Democratic next election.

I lived across CA Hwy 101 from Moffett Field for 10 years, every time a President would come to the SF Bay Area they'd land at Moffett and tie up the freeway for hours. Dunno what to do about it other than have them stay cooped up in the West Wing, and frankly Bush is less dangerous when he's flying around - looking out the window keeps him occupied.

Sarah, I know what you mean and it isn't an addiction, just a high level of empathy that yearns to connect and that's a good thing. It is a comfort to know that if I ever need beating with a wet gunny sack, you'll jump right on it.

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beating/smothering fires on the ground / outbuildings/ haystacks (and trust me, haystacks on fire are damn scary places, even when you're 16 and pretty much think you're invincible).

For you, we do the "stop drop and roll" drill and generous applications of (restorative, therapeutic) firewater afterward.

We can admit that we're killers ... but we're not going to kill today. That's all it takes! Knowing that we're not going to kill today! ~ Captain James T. Kirk, Stardate 3193.0

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One of my chores as a youth was putting up hay on assorted farms belonging to grandfather and uncles. I really enjoyed mowing and winnowing and baling, a singular memory from my 14th summer is sitting on the back end of a tractor at sunset, looking across a field of baled hay and knowing exactly what I’d accomplished that day. The cold can of Pabst slipped to me by my Uncle was the cherry on top. The task I hated most was moving the bales up into the hayloft, the men would load the conveyor and my cousin and I were stuck up in the loft taking the bales off and stacking them. Air was full of bits and pieces, pokey bits down my shirt and up my nose, horrible work and I cursed that barn, and the hay, and my uncles for loading as fast as they could and laughing when we shouted down for them to go slower please because we were getting buried.

Long story short, one of the Uncles put up his last cutting while it was still wet from a fall rain because he’d have to pay a bit more to hang onto the rented baler. For those not of the farm, wet hay can rot and the heat generated can cause spontaneous combustion. That’s what happened to Uncle Ken, I’d returned to CA by then so I missed it but by all accounts it was spectacular. Some of the charred timbers are still at the back edge of the property, slowly decomposing. When I saw them last, I recalled those steamy afternoons full of chaff and my curses and felt badly – but mostly I’m sorry I missed seeing that fire.

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At seven, I 'drove' the pickup so parents could toss bales aboard. At 11, I was in the pickup bed tossing bales out for stacking.

Wet hay is a horror.

Have you seen the giant round bales now used?
A fire in a line of those is worse than a fire in gin trash.

We can admit that we're killers ... but we're not going to kill today. That's all it takes! Knowing that we're not going to kill today! ~ Captain James T. Kirk, Stardate 3193.0