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Bush shows his hand on immigration: His real priority is a National ID card

Buried way down at the end of the AP story, we find this:

Particularly worrisome to supporters, including the Bush administration, is a Bipartisan amendment by Sens. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Max Baucus, D-Mont., that would change the bill's new program for weeding out illegal employees from U.S. workplaces.

The amendment would free employers from a mandate to check the identities of all their employees and require them to verify only new workers and those the government has a reason to believe are illegal immigrants. It would allow employees to present any state-issued drivers license as proof of identity, rather than requiring the nationally standardized "REAL ID," which some states have not adopted.

Kaplan said the amendment is the only one the administration is actively lobbying against.

"We've got our work cut out for us," he said.

You'd think the passport fiasco would have taught these guys something, but n-o-o-o-o-o....

Hey, why would I mind having to show ID to get a job?

Well, because I've already got to show ID to get on a bus or a plane. And with a national identity card, all my movements can be tracked, just like they already are, in and out of the country, with my passport.

The national ID card is going to set the country up for a whole new level of social control. Internal passport controls... Name it. Shit, they could force me to use my national ID to punch my time clock with, or log into my computer at work. Oh, they wouldn't? As the ACLU says, it's all about power. And if it goes through, we can kiss our most precious right, the right to be left alone, goodbye:

What happens when an ID card is stolen? What proof is used to decide who gets a card? A national ID would require a governmental database of every person in the U.S. containing continually updated identifying information.

Which I'm sure will never be hacked. And I'm sure that when Bush outsources it, the NSA will never open of the backdoor to it and suck down all the data in it to merge with our email, which it already has. Because that would never happen.

It would likely contain many errors, any one of which could render someone unemployable and possibly much worse until they get their "file" straightened out. And once that database was created, its use would almost certainly expand. Law enforcement and other government agencies would soon ask to link into it, while employers, landlords, credit agencies, mortgage brokers, direct mailers, landlords, private investigators, civil litigants, and a long list of other parties would begin seeking access, further eroding the privacy that Americans have always expected in their personal lives.

And with National ID, if you're white, you're alright. Otherwise:

a national identity card would foster new forms of discrimination and harassment of anyone perceived as looking or sounding "foreign."That is what happened after Congress passed the Employer Sanctions provision of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1985: widespread discrimination against foreign-looking American workers, especially Asians and Hispanics. A 1990 General Accounting Office study found almost 20 percent of employers engaged in such practices. A national ID card would have the same effect on a massive scale, as Latinos, Asians, Caribbeans and other minorities became subject to ceaseless status and identity checks from police, banks, merchants and others. Failure to carry a national I.D. card would likely come to be viewed as a reason for search, detention or arrest of minorities.

Of course, the Republicans probably view that as a good thing. Because a National ID would make their voter caging efforts so far look like kindergarten stuff.

Look, these guys are experts at hijacking legitimate issues to change the system their way--Just like they hijacked 9/11 to pass the so-called Patriot Act and trash the Constitution in favor of an all-powerful and lawless executive. Same deal here. This bill has nothing to do with immigration--except insofar as it creates a new class of indentured servants for the corps--and everything to do with destroying what liberties remain to us.

I hope the bill fails, after having done its good work of splitting the Republican Partei.

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Not wine. Not liquor. Not in restaurants or bars. But if you want to go to your Kroger or Publix or 7-11 and buy a six, or even a quart, of beer, you must as of July 1 show PHOTO ID. At any age. I can vouch for this as I was in Franklin last Saturday and ran into a Kroger for something non-Bud or -Coors and at FIFTY THREE FUCKING YEARS OLD I had to dig out my goddamn license. (Some stores, anxious to show their "concern for children" and patriotism 'n' shit started the policy early.)

Last time I buy beer in this state that's fer damnsure. Not that I do that often anyway; booze and wine are sold in stores devoted only to those products and --gee!--are not yet affected by this law.

This is of course to "prevent underage drinking" as if 99 percent of that isn't carried out by either an over-21 confederate getting the suds or a pal in the store who give you a wink and takes your dough.

Bullshit. This is just as you say: an ease-in to "Your papers, please" anyplace, anytime for everybody.

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often not talked about 'chip' that will be imbedded into said national ID card that will track every move one makes. Makes a person feel so 'safe and protected' you know. Watched over by people who really care about your well being of course!

Submitted by lambert on

As Atrios keeps saying. He's right.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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Submitted by kelley b on

The chips in your National ID card are so easily lost, or stolen. Or hacked. There will doubtless be a whole wave of chip counterfeiting. A competent hacker with chip reprogramming capability as well will be able to enter the system, assume any identity, and operate with unlimited credit.

Therefore, the logical next step will be ID chips embedded in your body.

They are in use in animals, and Microsft's already advocated such use in people.

The Company will put a thousand back doors into the ID card chip for their own hackers, just like Windows.

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