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Bush pissed at the French for not rescuing him fast enough

Jeebus, what an asshole:

Bush expressed some disappointment with France's decision to offer just 400 soldiers to a U.N. peacekeeping force being developed to calm the situation in southern Lebanon. France was expected to lead the mission, and its announcement of such a small number led to doubts that the force would deploy quickly.

"France has said they will send some troops," Bush said tersely. "We hope they send more. And there's been different signals coming out of France. Yesterday they had a statement; today they had a statement."

The United States has said it will not commit ground troops to the United Nations force, a 15,000-strong operation that is supposed to augment an equal number of Lebanese troops. Still, Bush said he would work to convince allies to take part.

Gee, Bush sure know how to ask an ally for help, doesn't he? Good luck with that.

Of course, the reason we're not sending troops is that we can't. All our troops are tied down in the Iraq clusterfuck, getting bombed while trucking cheese to the FOBs.

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