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Bush NSA surveillance: Moderate Republicans melt like warm turds in the rain, as press sinks to new low

Let's start with the press.

AP--O tempora! O mores--sinks to a new low:

Breaking with historic norms, the president had authorized the [NSA] monitoring without a court warrant.

Fuck! Bush didn't break historifucking norms! He fucking broke the law. When the story came out, Barrons (fergawdsake) wanted to imfuckingpeach him!

So, Bush breaks the law. And what does the epitome of Republican moderation, Arlen Spector, do? He issues Bush a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card:

Under a deal with the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, Bush has agreed to support a bill that could submit the program to the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for a constitutional review.

"Could." Note that word.

Gonzales said the bill gives Bush the option of submitting the NSA program to the intelligence court, rather than requiring the review.

Wow. Now that's the kind of "oversight" a tyrant can love. Der Dëcider gets to decide when the court is going to review Him, and when it's not? Um, do you think King George is ever going to exercise his option if he thinks he's going to lose the case? Not!

You know, I wish I could get a deal like the one Spector is giving Bush. Say I knock over a 7-11 and the cops come after me, but they have to ask me:

"Lambert, do you want to go to court on this one?"

"Gosh, officer, I'd have to say No. Another time, perhaps?"

Oh, but it gets better. Much better.

An administration official said Bush will submit to the review as long the bill is not changed in ways that he sees as undermining security.

And we know what Bush means by "security"--the possibility of losing any seats in the midterms.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the deliberations are internal, said the bill would preserve the right of future presidents to skip that court review.

And Spector says this law doesn't give Bush a blank check.

If this bill isn't isn't a blank check, what in the Name of the God of Your Choice is? A piece of paper torn out of a three-ring-binder with the word "Check" written on it in crayon?

Gonzales said the legislation would allow him to consolidate legal challenges to the eavesdropping program at the intelligence court, which he described as a one-time test of the program's constitutionality.

Yes, Abu Gonzales brings us to the real reason for the law. They want to suppress all the lawsuits against Bush's illegal actions:

More than 100 lawsuits have been filed in court across the country.

This is beyond outrageous. This is the end of the Senate as an institution able to write laws that the President will obey. This is the end of the rule of law altogether. This is the end of Constitutional government.

These guys spent $20 million fucking dollars to impeach Clinton for a blowjob as part of a slowmoving media-fuelled coup. And all they time, they bleated about the rule of law.

And when they stole Florida and seized power, the rule of law is the first thing they started to dismantle.

And now we're at the end game. The Republicans have swept all the pieces off the board except their King. Unless somehow, someone, can kick the board over and change the game itself.

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