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Bush: "[Gonzales vote won't] make the determination about who serves in my government." People: "It's our government!"


Of the Gonzales no-confidence vote, Bush sneers:

"They can have their votes of no confidence, but it's not going to make the determination about who serves in my government," Bush said in Sofia, Bulgaria, the last stop on a weeklong visit to Europe.

"This process has been drug out a long time," Bush added. "It's political."

I guess the experience of being wildly cheered by Albanians has caused Bush to forget something very important:

It's our goverment!

"Of the people, by the people, for the people... Shall not perish from the earth." Remember?

That slippery little scut really does think he's a king, doesn't he?

NOTE For more on Bush's royal pretensions, See here.

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Submitted by onealbear on

Yep, he does, indeed, have delusions of 16th Century grandeur, especially now, after strolling through the Vatican and all those opulent European palaces. The powdered wig (nose?) is definitely next.

By the way, the blog looks fantastic.

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I jumped from my chair and shouted the same thing at the TV when I heard "my government" from that bastard. My language was a bit more colorful! Now that he's in the general neighborhood, why don't we march his highness over to the Hague now and start proceedings.

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Did people think he was kidding when he said this?

"I told all four that there were going to be some times where we don't agree with each other. But that's OK. If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." -President-(s)elect Bush, Capitol Hill, 12-18-00

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"My Government" is the phrase that the British Queen uses in her annual address to Parliament. Of course the Brits long ago abolished any real royal prerogatives; her speech is written by whichever party is in power, and the Queen merely reads it.

Forget about the GOP wanting to abolish the New Deal. George III wants to be king.