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Bush Declares "Mission Accomplished" Again

Isn't it wonderful? Problem solved, they say, so cure not needed. From the AP via AJC:

Free credit monitoring for veterans whose personal information was stolen has been withdrawn, the Bush administration said Tuesday, because the laptop containing their data has been recovered.

In a letter to House Speaker Dennis Hastert, White House budget director Rob Portman said he was canceling his office's request last month for $160.5 million in additional funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide one year of free monitoring to millions of veterans and active-duty troops.

He noted that the FBI had determined with a "high degree of confidence" that information stored on the stolen laptop and external drive were not accessed or compromised.

Can we rephrase that to "a high degree of confidence that this was very embarrasing to the malAdministration, going to be very expensive to execute in such a way as to protect actual veterans (about whom, as is well documented, we do not give a fuck since we've already gotten from them everything we want), and would be likely to keep stories of BushCo bureaucratic incompetence prominent in the media for a whole year, and which we therefore decided to solve by declaring it, well, solved."

There. Is. No. Possible. Way. To. Know. If. This. Data. Was. Copied. None whatsoever, and for anybody over the mental age of about six to claim otherwise is so patently deranged as to take the breath away.

But oh! Read on just a ways and we find the VA is indeed going to Do Something about this problem-that-is-ever-so-unlikely-to-be-a-problem:

VA spokesman Matt Burns said Tuesday that although credit monitoring won't be offered, the department planned to hire a company to provide data breach analysis to detect potential patterns of misuse of veterans' information.

He said the analysis will be paid for out of current VA funds that will not result in a "diminution in the quality of health care."

So instead of giving slush money to credit reporting services they will be giving it to some--thus far unnamed--"data breach analysis" firm. Let's keep an eye out for who gets this contract, whether they went through any sort of bidding process, and what the level of Republican connections of the owners 'n' operators of the firm might be.

And how much of the actual work gets outsourced to Bangalore to increase the profits flowing to said owners rather than going to provide jobs to Americans. Not that we have any reason to suspect such a possiblity from this crew of course.

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