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Bush CIA's transparent attempt to misdirect and distract

They must be desperate. And frightened. Maybe their cushy jobs are finally on the line. WaPo (A1):

The CIA will declassify hundreds of pages of long-secret records detailing some of the intelligence agency's worst illegal abuses -- the so-called "family jewels" documenting a quarter-century of overseas assassination attempts, domestic spying, kidnapping and infiltration of leftist groups from the 1950s to the 1970s, CIA Director Michael V. Hayden said yesterday.

The documents, to be publicly released next week, also include accounts of break-ins and theft, the agency's opening of private mail to and from China and the Soviet Union, wiretaps and surveillance of journalists, and a series of "unwitting" tests on U.S. civilians, including the use of drugs.

What do I care about the 1950s through the 1970s?

The 1970s are when the wingers started taking over, and that's when the laundry really got dirty. Iran-Contra, anyone?

And I care about holding the living accountable--like Bush, and if you can all the undead living, Cheney--not the dead, like Eisenhower or JFK fergwadsake. (And you know the "everyone does it" battle is going to be fought out on the ground of a winger hate figure, Kennedy, right?)

Yeah, they must be desperate and scared to release anything at all. But they're tireless in working evil, they'll do anything to evade accountability, and they're still fighting hard. So this "release" is just an elegant variation on the modified limited hangout from the Nixon era.

NOTE Speaking of dirty laundry, I hear that George Bush's 9/11 omorashi are highly sought collectibles in exclusive right winger circles.

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It's not a red herring but support for the standard propaganda line, 'democrats do it too.' That's been their line on corruption, political subversion of Justice, and failure on terror. The old news will provide catchphrases and factlets for the Clear Channel lumpen.