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Bush Army brass now as politicized as so-called Justice Department

Watch with pleasure as Greenwald eviscerates winger hack and Army spokesdroid Stephen Boylan*, who won't release requested material to TNR, but does leak it to sluttish, pouty-lipped, autocoprographic concentration camp advocate and stalker-of-12-year-olds Michelle Malkin. Assholes.

Wouldn't it be great to have a legitimate government? Maybe it will happen in our lifetimes!

NOTE Or a person claiming to be Boylan. The email was unsolicited. Not to be foily ....

NOTE Though I do have to admit to more than a little schadenfreude that TNR, which did so much to enable the Conservative seizure of power, is now being molested by the lowest life form in wingerdom, the freepi. What's the matter with the wingers? Have they no gratitude? Have they no recognition of services rendered?

UPDATE Stephen, not Jerry. You can't keep the lunatics straight without a scorecard...

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alcohol and e-mail don't mix?

If it's genuine (and it now appears through IP analysis that it is) it was an incredibly stupid thing for Boylan, a public affairs officer, to do.

I hope he was drunk when he wrote that.

If this is genuine, he should be reassigned immediately.