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Triumph of the Bronies: Hasbro Turning My Little Ponies into Sexy Human Characters. Neigh.

A zeitgeist indicator, indicating what? I am completely at a loss.


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An indicator that geek men can be poison.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a well written, intelligent children's show that has drawn a huge adult fandom, because it's so smart, it doesn't pander, and it tries to impart good values.

But a huge portion of that adult male fandom has spent they good part of the past two years whining that the toy company isn't catering to them with merchandising, only to the children that are the show's target audience. They also create self made fan art that inappropriately sexualized Ponies! Children can't even do searches for info about MLP:FTM online, because the searches are flooded with drawings of MLP mounting one another.

It appears they have now finally succeeded at taking a wholesome kids show, and corrupting it their dudebro entitlement perversions.