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The Brilliance of Jim DeMint

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I apologize for bloghogging - two in one day! - but I'm going out of town for a couple of days, so there!

I just love Jim DeMint, in the way you love it when your head stops banging against a wall. The heroic Senator of the Fuck You, America Party has been holding up the appointment hearings of one Erroll Southers, whom Barack Obama nominated in September to head up the TSA. DeMint's bogus reason for the hold is that Southers might unionize the TSA, and as all of us Raygun fans know, that would simply never do! (They might end up with "Cadillac" health plans or something!)

Oooh, if Southers had been in charge, maybe the terrorist who was on the terrorist watch list and whose father reported him to Homeland Security and who got on the plane without a passport, might not have been able to almost blow up that Northwest Airlines jet!

In their inimitable way, the Democrats are doing their best to lose this argument to Senator DeMint, who would most likely lose a tic-tac-toe game to a tree frog. They are now blaming Senate procedure for the delay in nominating Southers. Jim DeMint responds to the procedural baloney thusly:

DeMint, however, said in a statement that Reid had refused to schedule a timely vote and now was trying to "grandstand by filing cloture" while all DeMint wanted was time to debate the issue and hold an open vote.

"Senator Reid refused to schedule a vote on this nominee for weeks and now after the recent terror attempt he's trying to show concern for airport security," DeMint said.

"I hope this critical debate and the Christmas bomber incident will convince Reid and President Obama that we cannot give union bosses veto power over national security at our airports," he said.

DeMint 1, Democrats -74,000.

DeMint is right. Procedural excuses are bullshit now. There are 60 votes ready and waiting in the Senate. There is nothing holding the Dems back except themselves.

Remember how the Repubs, when in power, used to break the rules all the time? Guess what? They got their agenda passed, didn't they? So you're telling me that Reid can't get rid of the "hold" procedure in the Senate, or at the very least, ignore it and tell DeMint to sit and spin?

Everyone knows the Repubs are the Party of Bush, the Worst President Ever. Everyone knows they do not care AT ALL about anyone but themselves. The more the Dems pretend that some mysterious "procedure" is preventing them from standing up to the Repubs, some of whom are active enemies of women, LGBT, people of color and the poor, the more the Dems look like the enabling assholes they are.

Guess who don't win elections? People who refuse to stand up for what they purport to believe in, and use some stupid, arcane, procedural rule as an excuse.

Just sayin'.

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Submitted by Bryan on

Reid tends to honor Republican holds, but ignore Democratic holds, which allowed several bad bills and people to be approved.

If you really are looking for blame on TSA, just plug "TSA funding cuts" into Google. You will see wingers having a fit over a $4.5 million cut proposed by Chris Dodd, but silence about the hundreds of millions cut from the TSA budget beginning in 2002 by Bush and the Republican Congress.

BTW, it was an intel failure, not TSA that dropped the ball. The information wasn't shared with TSA, so they certainly couldn't have acted on information they didn't have.

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Submitted by madamab on

And look who's getting blamed - Janet Napolitano. Last I looked, she wasn't head of the CIA.

The CIA is a disgrace anyway. Have they ever done anything right?

Submitted by gob on

I'm a great ignorer of such details, but I'd have thought I'd hear this somewhere. Got a link?

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Submitted by madamab on

That he had an accomplice who was attempting to persuade an airport security person to let the guy board without a passport.The newsbot implied that he was successful, but perhaps that isn't so?

I also read that he bought a one-way ticket with cash, which is supposed to raise a big flag.

To me, if the terrorist gets on the plane, your security measures have already failed. The latest nonsense about not letting passengers get up during the last hour of the flight is unnecessarily restrictive, and frankly, will make me think twice and thrice before boarding another plane.
It's getting really stupid out there.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Is that it always seems to be the passengers who stop these things, never the preflight security(though of course the ones preflight security heads off may not make the "news").

So maybe we should just continue to let the passengers do their thing, and cut the airport security shit out. Now they are installing those creepy body scanners.

I'll support the comedian Jay Mohr's suggestion. Everyone on the flight carry a ballpoint pen. If the shit goes down, "click, click".