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Brief moments of triumph and disaster

So, dammit, last night I put my garden trowel down somewhere and couldn't find it when it came time to put the tomatoes in. After carefully retracing my steps and looking under things ("When in doubt, look under something," my mother always said). And this morning, I couldn't find the American flag my father finally bought, to put out for the parade.

On the other hand, looking for the flag, on its long and presumably quite visible aluminum pole, I found two bales of beautifully dry straw that I put away unused from last year -- and so my much-mocked tendency to over-buy materials paid off!

If you can keep your head when all around you...

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Submitted by chadwick newsome on

The garden trowel will return. Mine always does. I think going away is something they just do. But they come back. In the interum, I resort to sturdy spoons, bladed instrucments of all kinds, cultivators, my fingers. Because there are few higher priorities in life than getting the tomatoes in

The flag will turn up too. Probably in time for the 4TH of July.