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Brian Beutler May Be On To Something . . .

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I received this RT in what I consider my "Democratic Party Shill" Twitter Account, LOL!

Seriously, I've never read TPM, so these guys Brian Beutler and Josh Marshall are just "names" to me. And I've never even heard of Perry Stein. Anyway, here's the RT.


Here's the link to the entire piece from "The Hill."

At any rate, I missed Harry Reid's performance this past Sunday, so I didn't realize that he was posturing as though he would support the Justice Department looking into filing a "civil rights" case against Zimmerman, until I read this RT earlier today.

So now, what I heard yesterday on Julie Mason's "The Press Pool," makes sense.

David Corn, I believe he's the Editor of Mother Jones, was on with Julie--in full damage control mode, offering "cover" for the Justice Department. And Corn's an attorney, so he may be correct in his assessment. I'm not arguing that, one way or the other.

All that I knew before I read this RT, was that in less than a day (heard this on Mark Thompson's radio program--MIP, or Make It Plain), well over 200,000 signatures have been gathered on a petition directed to the Justice Department.

BTW, everyone else here may already know this, but I didn't know that an individual could "text" a petition signature. But according to Mark, you can.

I could be wrong, but I suspect that even more than the shoddy implementation of the PPACA, this turn of events has the potential to greatly impact the outcome of the midterm elections.

We shall see . . .

[Sidenote: If anyone is having a problem posting a "Tweet" or flickr image--like I've had using the Windows 7 OS--you can create your blog post in "Old School HTML," then change to "Full HTML" before publishing your post. This has worked for me.]

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Submitted by Alexa on

Does anyone know a different method (or maybe I should say an "additional" one).

On this computer, I show that I'm logged in, even when I'm not.

But worse, it won't update in "real time."

I can view a post that was a couple hours ago, but "it still shows seconds or minutes ago."

I constantly clear the browsing history and cache. But I sometimes leave the "cookies" category alone, since I pay bills online, etc.

Any "hints?"

I've actually answered comments differently than I might have, had I been able to read the "most recent" comments.


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Submitted by jo6pac on

Not sure I'm running ie 9 it does what it's suppose to and everything loads new on this site that suppose to every time I open it. I pay my bills on line also but still dump history every few weeks any way. Not much help am I;)

Submitted by lambert on

Could be a cookie problem -- the logged in but not logged in problem sounds like that.

Some browsers allow clearing cookies for only one site, ie, this one, but I've blown cookies away with no issues ever. I mean, they aren't put there to help me, after all.

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Submitted by CMike on

Don't dump your NYTimes cookies regularly or you'll end up with unlimited access to their site instead of being restricted to like twenty free clicks to their articles each month.

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Submitted by katiebird on

I used to know this!!! But I totally forgot. THANK you so much for the reminder. I've been blocked out of NYTimes, WashPost & LATimes for weeks. It's been driving me mad to copy/paste article titles into google just to get a working link.


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Submitted by CMike on

You can just use another browser on the same computer if you get blocked. I find myself using Google Chrome lately but I'll also use Opera, Mozilla, or Explorer, for instance, to test run a YouTube link that I'm posting in a comment. (Google Chrome has some sort of YouTube memory of where you left off watching a clip so you can't be sure if you've cued up the start time [#t=00m00s] correctly for a link you're posting without using another browser.)

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Submitted by Alexa on

comment, I decided to clear everything, including cookies, in both IE 10 and Firefox 22 browsers--both are the most current versions.

Guess what--it didn't help, LOL!

No biggie. I can always issue an "updated" comment, when I find more recent comments, which would alter a previous comment.

But it is very curious. It is updating appropriately at other websites. But I've also noticed seeing "code" on some occasions, when I first open the Corrente website. I suppose that it is possible that there is a conflict with Drupal. Dunno.

This is a new computer with a paucity of applications, etc., loaded on it. I'm even saving bookmarks on a Flash Drive, instead of on the hard drive.

So, there shouldn't be a conflict of any kind. Almost nothing on this system except for printer and scanner driver/software apps, a couple of browsers, and three virus/malware programs (which are nonconflicting).

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Submitted by okanogen on

You can uninstall IE10 in your "Add/modify Programs" or whatever they call that. When you uninstall IE10, it just goes back to IE9 which is a more well-behaved browser. IE10 sux.

Submitted by mgmonza on

Ah, yes - Obama the great champion of racial equality in America. This, from the Guardian, is one more sickening example of Zero's non-involvement - this time, in Detroit's declared bankruptcy:

"The White House said it was monitoring the situation but stopped short of offering any federal aid. Spokeswoman Amy Brundage said: "While leaders on the ground in Michigan and the city's creditors understand that they must find a solution to Detroit's serious financial challenge, we remain committed to continuing our strong partnership with Detroit as it works to recover and revitalize and maintain its status as one of America's great cities."

The auto and steel industries were two of the escape routes for southern black men from the institutionalized poverty that is still evident everywhere in southern states. When these collapsed, the cities went with them. And this is all our first black president can do.

So much for robbing the first woman President of her chance so that all American men could be equal.

Submitted by lambert on

or the states and localities, or (naturally) their black citizens.

* * *

So now the banks and the hedgies and the billiionaires can now buy up whatever remains at firesale prices, after gutting what remains of the pension system for the (mostly black, naturally) city workers. What's not to like? Looks like a blueprint to me.

It's like the billionaires are planning to build a giant rocket and move to Mars, leaving ruin behind. They're morally pathological, so I doubt they'll make it to Mars orbit without slaughtering each other, but that wouldn't stop them from trying.

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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

I have no proof, but I'm sure to the bone that this is the correct read.

I wish we could have some whistleblowers from the DLC/Peterson/Hamilton/Bloomberg Philanthropies/Gates Foundation world do a leak-dump into the web (e.g. Wikileaks) about the "plans" that the now firmly entrenched Privatizing Elites have in store to take over (and re-build as NeoLiberal Hells) the cities and towns that they have destroyed.

(Noting also Alexa bolding upthread from a commenter who notes that Detroit is a Third-Way/DLC stronghold.)

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Submitted by Alexa on

from Detroit's (DLC-like) Democratic Mayor, David Bing.

From a "blog post"--

Apathetic Democrats in Michigan did more than their fair share to vote him IN.

And now they just shit-canned the only high-ranking party official that was trying to STOP THEM.

Let's try to keep in mind that our former DEMOCRATIC SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE *ucked over state workers and then was appointed TREASURER by Rick Snyder.

I campaigned for Virg Bernero. The party gave him NO MONEY, despite the efforts of Mark Brewer and others to do so.

Ask Debbie Stabenow how much money she's got left in HER war-chest.

Michigan suffers from Third Way Democrat (DLC) syndrome, and it's getting WORSE, not better.

Macomb County's new County Executive actually appeared as a "Special Guest" at a FUNDRAISER for Rick Snyder.

Progressives are running on fumes in this state.

Submitted by mgmonza on

Mutual back-scratching, if I remember correctly from the insane efforts to carry Zero over the line into the nomination in 2008.

This isn't schadenfreude. by the way. It is part of what's wrong with America today that there are so few industries that pay a living wage to those without the almost intangibles that make men want to hire other men like them: the infancy through adulthood access to adequate medical care, education, housing and sometimes even food,

But it is a reminder that selling out one half the population so that the other might be absolved of racism doesn't work.

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Submitted by Alexa on

excerpt and link to transcript later here, if I can find it. (Not as a blog post, just a comment).

Don't think it will help, however, if the Justice Department "bows out" of pressing civil rights case. BTW, I'm not "passing judgment" either way. It is simply my observation after having listened to XM black talk radio, off-and-on this past week.

Now he's getting ready to give a list of "solutions." (A five-point program, I believe.) Never mind--they are mostly specious (naturally).

Apparently, he said this to a near-empty press briefing room (Friday). Wow!

Frankly, I don't believe that the African-American community will be mollified by "words alone," this time.

[OTOH, I must admit that this Administration has been remarkably adept at pacifying this community during a time of very dire economic circumstances, for many. So who knows? And I've sure been wrong before, LOL!]

He just stated that he would not try to open up a "conversation on race." Not productive for a politician to do so, he says. He states that a "conversation" should be held in schools, churches, etc.

My guess is that a lot of minority voters will "sit out" the midterms after this spiel. It seems to me that this Press Conference will only make matters worse, not better.

So there goes "one bucket" of the Dem Party on Election Day.

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Submitted by Alexa on

being able to "see current comments quickly." (or maybe just being busy with this, as you were posting your comment--not sure which)

I'll "repost" the video/comment, along with the other comment later tonight or tomorrow.

I'll also provide a link to the DKos "Transcript Editors" page.

Submitted by lambert on

Since/if nobody else is experiencing this, I have to think it's something about the computer you're using. Maybe get somebody geekier to invest time in it? It sounds like you're experiencing a lot of frustration both this this site and the connection, but I honestly do not think there is anything I can do from where I sit.

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Submitted by Alexa on

And from DKos:

* [new] There are so many things wrong with this speech. (0+ / 0-)

Zimmerman wasn't feeling threatened. He was feeling like busting an asshole punk. He was the aggressor. That's why the Judge's instruction to ignore his actions prior to the confrontation itself was wrong, not correct as Obama puts it.

Also, he just told us Holder is only going through the motions right now, that there's no chance of a federal case being brought. Thank god that didn't happen with Rodney King.

There's so much more, but no time to respond right now for me. I'm so fucking depressed.

Yeah, it's great that he has this podium to explain why AAs are so pissed and depressed about this, but he also used the same podium to tell them to stuff it and wait for the change that we now know is just some kind of political miasma.

"Well, yeah, the Constitution is worth it if you succeed." - Nancy Pelosi // Question: "succeed" at what?

by nailbender on Fri Jul 19, 2013 at 12:58:42 PM PDT

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Could I have been right about the reaction?

(Actually, I'll be posting the "opposite" view of this later. It demonstrates the "Black MisEstablishment's" role in misdirecting blame--away from the Administration's Justice Department--to the States.)

Those Dems--never miss an opportunity to manipulate their base, huh?


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Submitted by Rainbow Girl on

Cynically using this case as a no-cost sap to constitutents that he's been brazenly betraying and turning into unterbussen.

Gotta amp up that Kool-Aid for the "folks" down there who might be getting wise to what an asshole I really am. Ha ha ha.

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Submitted by Alexa on

From my own experience, I would characterize the "watch" system a bit different from what I'm reading (including from articles posted from the so-called MSM, like the NYT).

Here's what I observed, and/or was told by law enforcement.

"Neighborhood Watch" communities are often in strongly middle class (or affluent) neighborhoods, more than in economically distressed neighborhoods. (Which is not to say, by any means, that there are never any families residing in these neighborhoods, who are experiencing financial difficulties.)

The reasons are pretty straightforward:

1. These neighborhood "watches" are not "crime fighting brigades. The participants (neighbors) are usually trying to "preserve" their relatively crime free and peaceful neighborhoods.

These "watches" usually don't exist in neighborhoods where the occupants are "dodging bullets."

2. And of course, setting up these "watches" required meeting and coordinating with law enforcement officers--in the homes of "the neighborhood."

This would not be as likely to happen in very low income or very crime-ridden neighborhoods, where there is a relatively high "mistrust" of law enforcement.

3. Actually, the function of law enforcement was to "educate" the neighborhood on how to "spot security breaches" in the neighborhood. (Example: advising on shrubbery that obstructs home entrances, faulty locks on storage sheds, etc.)

4. And a "watch" system didn't require "patrols," at all. Again, we were advised on techniques for better securing property, and given a few hints regarding better "observing our surroundings."

Now, during the time that I resided in this subdivision, we had a common private park (pool, tennis courts, etc.) that residents did "patrol"--if by that, one means to "check on" a couple of times a day--morning and evening--to unlock and lock the entrance. But nothing changed regarding those duties, except that we changed to more secure locks.

IOW, people generally went about their business, as usual.

I've always been the "official dog walker" in my family. Which meant that I walked the subdivision 2-3 times daily (in two sets--two smaller dogs, and one large one--or six times a day).

Guess what--THAT consisted of our "neighborhood watch" duties, LOL!

Which is "why" I found it hard to understand the "meme" regarding Zimmerman's watch duties.

Seriously, it is not a matter of forming some formal "patrol unit," as much as it is educating a neighborhood on how to secure their homes, look out for one another (when someone's on vacation, etc.), how to "spot" a potential intruder.

In general, it entailed forming a different frame of mind--becoming more "atuned" to one's surroundings.

Now, a lot is made out of Martin "walking in the rain."

I'm a bit puzzled by that.

I've walked as many as three dogs regularly in 118 above temps in Oklahoma, in -50 to -85 degree temps in Alaska (for years), and countless times everywhere we've lived, in "driving rain."

Heck, I wish I had a nickel for every time that I came in afterwards, and had to dry every piece of clothing that I had on, LOL!

And, of course, they all had raincoats, too. [Note: Our precious "Murphee"--my Avatar wearing hers, LOL!]

And, I occasionally looked at homes, too. It depended.

Frankly, if Martin's defense attorneys failed (and I DIDN"T follow this case--so I'm not declaring that they did or didn't--I honestly don't have a clue) to give an accurate picture of "what" the "Neighborhood Watch" program actually entails (in most communities), I'd say that the Defense team may have failed their client.

I'd be curious to know if any other Correntians have participated in a "Watch." It was really not that "exotic" of an experience. Trust me.

Just had to get that "off my chest." ;-)


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Submitted by Cujo359 on

Now, a lot is made out of Martin "walking in the rain."

Perhaps it's just that I grew up in a different age, but I never found the thought that a teenage boy was out in the rain particularly strange.

Our precious "Murphee"--my Avatar wearing hers

Wondered what that was. It always looked like an ice pack to me...

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Submitted by Alexa on

I'm glad to her that, Cujo359. I noticed that many press accounts actually put much emphasis on Martin "walking in the rain," as though they found that particularly "odd or menacing."

You're right--the color of her raincoat is almost identical to "ice pack" blue. ;-)

BTW, guess I should make a correction: Martin's "Prosecution" Team.