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Brennan withdrawal destroys "Wait 'til he does something" theory

So, be Shrill! It was the liberals wot done it:

The opposition to Mr. Brennan had been largely confined to liberal blogs, and there was not an expectation he would face a particularly difficult confirmation process.

That was the Times. AP:

His potential appointment has raised a firestorm in liberal blogs...

And, Bless Their Hearts, MSNBC:

(Starts about 30 seconds in.)

So, if bringing the shrill works, then I'll add a truth and reconciliation commission to single payer and HOLC as policies Obama needs to enact if we wants to wear FDR's mantle.

NOTE * Of course, the press is saying it, so they could be lying, and Obama could be blaming "liberals" because, heck, Reagan did that, so it's probably a good idea, right? But since it's been so long since our famously free press said anything good about liberals, that I'll take it. More like this, please.

NOTE Links via Glenn and BTD.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

But does it matter? The AP and MSNBC are essentially branches of the presidents' press offices so I too have a hard time trusting them. But even if it wasn't out of concerns for liberal ideals* the fact that the Obama campaign/MSM are mentioning liberal blogs* might be a good thing.

* I wish we could differentiate between progressive [cough] blogs and liberal blogs. I consider the prog [cough] blogs the ones that want to put fists in mouths for questioning Obama, liberal ones those that hold Obama accountable on the issues.