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Breaking the court system with "quiet title" suits?

From a comment at Yves's place:

For any of you in Washington State that have been affected by these mortgage crimes and are willing to fight, please visit We have a goal of 5000 quiet titles. We are working from a premise that Sheila Bair said that a year ago, there were 110,000 lawsuits by homeowners against the big banks and those numbers were straining the system….we figure if we can start to double that number, we can break the court system. We’ve got around 20 law firms geared up…and we are putting mechanisms in place to reach the lofty goal of 5000 QTs for Washington State. Let’s do this!

Doing the arithmetic...

5,000 doesn't make a dent in 110,000, and I can't verify the 110,00 figure.

If there were a way to open-source and automate the defenses, rather like a reverse robosigning process, that might scale up. Any DISemployed programmers out there? Contact Property Defense Network!

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on FB:

Occupy Seattle
Occupy Olympia
Occupy Vancouver, Washington

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Again, beating the bastards at their own game.

It shouldn't be personal, it should be business. When we become the dominant business, when we share stock in a common company or economic pursuit, incorporated as one, we will win.

This action is a step in that direction.