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Breaking News: Clinton To Pull Name off North Carolina Primary Ballot!

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In what is being heralded as one of the most momentous and politically astute moves of this extended primary campaign, Hillary Clinton's Communication Director, Howard Wolfson, has signaled that the Clinton Campaign will be withdrawing from the North Carolina contest and focusing all of their efforts on the other May 6th primary in the state of Indiana.

When first told, political reporters balked at the idea that Clinton would give up a portion of the 115 pledged delegates for the party convention that were allocated to the voters in the Tar Heel State. However, it was noted that if there is only one candidate on the ballot, in this case Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, it would not be considered a 'real election.' This means those delegates to the Democratic Convention in Denver would not be accepted as legitimate, since they were not won in a properly contested election. One solution, previously offered by the Obama camp, is to split the delegates evenly between Clinton and Obama. This proposal, however, was met with resistance by the Obama camp. David Axelrod, the Obama campaign senior strategist, pointed out that Clinton was voluntarily pulling her name off the North Carolina ballot and should therefore suffer the consequences of her own actions.

The uncontested primary in North Carolina might also help the Clinton Campaign in its attempt to win the overall popular vote of the nomination process. Political observers have noted that another aspect of the illegitimacy of a one-candidate contest is that the North Carolina votes would not be counted in the popular vote totals. Charlie Cook, of the Cook Political Report, was very impressed with Clinton's decision, "It's a bold move by Hilary. She is killing three birds with one stone. She achieves parity with Obama in the North Carolina delegates, she doesn't lose ground in the overall popular vote, and allows herself the luxury of spending more time on a contested election in Indiana."

The Obama campaign tried to dismiss the idea that the North Carolina vote is now a meaningless "beauty contest" saying it was further proof that Hillary would "do anything to win." However, a high-level source working for Obama admitted they were exploring the possibility of pulling Obama's name off the primary ballots in the remaining states and declaring victory.

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You had me going for a minute there.

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so you don't give some of us old farts a heart attack

Real Democrats aren't afraid of democracy

48 + 2 = legitimacy

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And really, how could Obama object? She would just be applying the Obama rules.

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I like it, it's good, funny, dry enough to create heart palpitations,
almost googled it.

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