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Breaking: Hersh on Abu Ghraib

Rape. Father-son humiliation. Objects up the rectum. Torture. And the videos.

In other words, Republican sex.

Nice work, Christianists.

Hersh has the goods: The General Taguba interview.

UPDATE Hersh will be on CNN's Late Edition this morning.

Oddly, or not, the story hasn't moved on the wires, but it's covered in the NY Daily News and WaPo, on page A07 ("New Homeowners Decry Cluster Boxes"? A01. Oh well. At least they didn't bury it on A18, like all the Walter Pincus stories. And what do you want them to do? Rip up the whole front section because Rummy bears personal responsbility for torture and lied about it? Let's be reasonable, here.

UPDATE Shamefully, the Times airbrushes the story, focused on DOD's treatment of Taguba, rather than the substance of Taguba's investigation.

UPDATE Even more shamefully, the LA Times has got nothing.

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The Geneva conventions should be amended to include the election of psychopaths. With deviants in charge and representing the U.S. to the world, we are going to have trouble with terrorists for decades to come.


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There was a discussion of this just this past Tuesday at Fordham Law School in NYC. You can find out who was there here The NYCLU is having training this coming Tuesday on Lobbying Your Representative. Then there is a rally in DC on June 26th to Restore the Rule of Law.

More info here

Jumana Musa of Amnesty International was a panelist on the discussion. The overall impression of the government, including Congress, was depressing. Nevertheless, she maintains that pressure works, raising voices, sending emails, faxes and going to these rallies has an effect.

Janis Karpinski was also a panelist. I desperately wanted to ask what she thought when she saw that prison. She knew that most of these people were not even insurgents let alone people with valuable information. Still, she was very impressive.

She said that while she was gratified to see the number of people who attended, she hoped and continues to hope that there will be standing room only at the next one. She detailed much of what is in Hersh's article. She talked about Miller coming over from Guantanamo. She also talked about her growing awareness of military intelligence dominating the handling, interviewing and interrogation of detainees.

She made a cogent point that had been brought up in discussions about the prisoners by the officers in charge. There was no policy about releasing them. When one officer tried to discuss coming up with a release policy, the idea was dismissed.

She said she knew what was going on but not that it was policy coming from the White House. She became aware of this gradually, especially the involvement of military intelligence. I remember reading that there was conflict between her and the intelligence officer in charge about who was in charge but it would appear that she is trying to make up for a failure to see that the detainees were well treated.

She is obviously well educated, intelligent and knows a lot about military procedure. She is committed to this cause. It's an example of how this administration degrades and abuses the talent and skill available to it.