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BREAKING: Blogger to testify before U.S. House Committee

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- Attention -

present and former female employees of Wal-Mart or Sam's Club:

* Have you been denied career opportunities in management?
* Have you been denied equal pay for equal work?
* Have you been getting the run-around about promotions or raises?
* Have you hit the glass ceiling?

If you worked for Wal-Mart at any time since December 26, 1998, you may have legal claims in a class action sex discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart. Learn more!

But guess what? If you join the class-action lawsuit against Wal-Mart and you're still working there, they'll fire your ass.

Blogger Captain Dyke has been selected to testify before the House committee on Education and Labor this Tuesday. The hearing is entitled 'Strengthening the Middle Class: Ensuring Equal Pay for Women'. It's the tied-in with the gender discrimination class action against Wal-Mart.

The Captain may or may not testify, depending on the committee schedule. But she's there and she's got a case.

CD was repeatedly denied promotions offered to men, in spite of receiving "exceeds expectations" performance reviews and applying several times for promotion. The money quote for me was when a less-qualified man was promoted to sporting goods management, a position she had applied for [emphasis mine]:

I complained to Dean [management] that I was more qualified for the position, but he just said: “You don’t want to work with guns.” When I explained to Dean that I had been selling and handling guns for the past two months as an Associate in Sporting Goods and had no problem working with them, Dean had no response. As a testament to my superior qualifications for the Sporting Goods Department Manager position, I trained Mr. Garrett in his new position for approximately two months.

Look, I know this kind of ka-ka happens all the time. No honey, you can't have a man's job, but you can TRAIN him how to do it. Is there any fresh coffee? Nice girl.

Not to over-use the pirate motif:

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Captain Dyke and her co-testifier, Dee, were fired within hours of Wal-Mart management finding out they were participating in the gender discrimination class action suit against the "Screw women...Always" conglomerate.

I emailed and IM'd Captain Dyke several times yesterday to make sure she wanted to come out as a blogger and connect her blog to the Congressional testimony story. She has agreed to do so.

Amazingly brave woman. I'm still going to try to shield her from google searches on her name and just link to her specific testimony as Cap'n Dyke.

Here are the pertinent links:

Cap'n Dyke's blog
, specifically the post where she indicates she is going to DC to testify. PLEASE leave a comment of support at her site.

Her legal statement. Yeah this has her veritable nomenclature on it but let's stop any future resume checker from google-ing here for a revelation, n'est-ce pas?

I'm hoping there will be C-span coverage of this on Tuesday. I just want to give her all the support I can.

And I know she's not leaving for DC until noonish today. Please visit her post and leave a comment of support. Thanks.

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I hope she didn't take it down because of threats.

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