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Break the last arrows in their quiver

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What will Democrats run on in 2010 and 2012? They can't credibly run on their record, so they will have to run on how eeeevil and scaaaary the Republicans are.

Coincidentally, a favorite subject of (D) captured 'progressive' sites like FDL, where Blue Texan went with "New Harris Poll Finds Nearly One Fourth of Republicans Believe Obama May Be the Antichrist"

So, this reminds me of how another Texan tried to scare the country with constant invocations of evil, deranged, menacing madmen and their bizarre, beyond-the-pale beliefs. They sure are not like us, they are other, and they are gonna getchya!

There is a great book out recently - The Science of Fear, by Daniel Gardner, which delves into the psychology and physiology of fear and the those who use it in media, advertising, and politics.

This will be the (D) captured blogosphere's role in the coming elections - trying to scare their followers literally out of their senses with stories about republican hobgoblins and their uniquely despicable intentions. This will be their desperate rearguard attempt to stem the flow of people of conscience and principle away from the Donkey Party.

This arrow can be easily grabbed out of the air and broken, every time it is fired.

you could say:

this is still not a reason to vote Democrat.

this is like the propaganda about how scary and crazy Saddam was, so therefore you better do what Daddy Bush said.

fearmongering about a scary, demented other is usually a cloak to compel some otherwise undesirable, counterproductive action.

in this case, clearly, it is the old "vote Democrat, no matter what" custom has been so badly eroded recently.

I admire Correntewire as a terrific counter-meme factory - phrases like "Legacy Party" are compelling, simple, and explanatory. In this spirit I am humbly suggesting that folks try calling out Democratic Party GOTV fearmongering with a comparison to the discredited tactics of G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, et al. If they immediately ban and censor this line of argument, as Blue Texan or the mod on duty at FDL did today, then you know you have a strong counter-meme. Of course, this is the very same tactic used by the other Texan, who had everyone with opposing points of view removed and screened from his appearances for 8 years.

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Submitted by letsgetitdone on

Glad too see you here! I certainly agree that the access blogs will try to scare the crap out of us. Now, how can we scare the crap out of them?

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Submitted by jjmtacoma on

That would require them to do stuff like reading and other *hard* stuff, like, um, thinking.

Don't hold your breath for THAT to happen.

Best we can hope for is being annoying. They will do whatever the MSM tells them anyway.

Submitted by hipparchia on

i'm all for calling them out on their fearmongering, and i'll keep trying to do this, but so far it's ok when it's being done by 'our side'.

Submitted by lambert on

"Look! Over there! ______!", generally of Sarah Palin.

Not virulent enough?

NOTE "Legacy party" seems to drive the Dem loyalists nuts. I recommend its use often, especially in conjunction with Stop Me's brilliant ratchet effect.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

Hi spork, good to see you here!

Good post, but I have to say about this:

They can't credibly run on their record, so they will have to run on how eeeevil and scaaaary the Republicans are.

Based on the groundowrk being laid now (outside the blogosphere), I'd say they are in fact intending to run on their record, namely of passing this Historic Health Care Reform Bill over the opposition of the Right Wing, and they do indeed intend to also invoke the evil and scary idea, but it may just be of the vaguely defined Right Wing rather than Republicans. Bipartisanship, and all that. (I can't see Obama backing anything that suggests there is a reason to vote D rather than R, and all the wording seems to be carefully about Right Wing and Tea Parties rather than Republicans.)

This is based on reading newspapers over shoulders on the subway and chatting briefly with folks, so not a scientific poll, but it's definitely the impression I get of the message that's being played in the press (I don't watch TV) and that is being gotten by a lot of folks here.

Submitted by lambert on

... or at least released, late in 2008. I remember vividly, immediately after Palin's nomination, a day or two of waiting, then one or two false starts (Jeralyn, then TPM), and then, as if all the access bloggers had been unleashed at once, an avalanche, with more or less identical talking points.

So, following the money, the steps would seem to have been:

1. The banksters were always going to be first in line, no matter what. Obama ratified Paulson's bailouts in October, 2008, after Lehman swung the election his way.

2. In mid-2008, about the time the career "progressives" decided to impose their news blackout on single payer, the health insurance companies were put next in line, and Medicare was prepared for gutting.

3. Late 2008, demonize the right (both legacy parties, of course, being soul- and body-eating demons)

3. I would say that Social Security is next, yes?

Check out this article in Time. The term progressives is completely normalized, as if our friends had always been part of the furniture. And it only took what, four years from 2006? At some things, Versailles is amazingingly effective!

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Submitted by sisterkenney on

socialized medical system!!!:

"According to the Iranian Constitution, the government is required to provide every citizen of the country with access to social security that covers inter-alia disability, health and medical treatment and care services.

Today the largest healthcare delivery network is owned and run by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME) through its network of health establishments and medical schools in the country. MOHME inter-alia is in charge of provision of healthcare services through its network, medical insurance, supervision and regulation of the healthcare system in the country, policymaking, production and distribution of pharmaceuticals, and research and development. Additionally, there are other parallel organizations such as Medical Services Insurance Organizations (MSIO) that have been established to act as a relief foundation as well as an insurance firm.

According to the last census that Statistical Centre of Iran undertook in 2003, Iran possesses 730 medical establishments (eg. hospitals, clinics) of which 488 are directly affiliated and run by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and 120 owned by the private sector and the rest belong to other organizations, such as the Social Security Organization of Iran (SSO). About 73% of all Iranians have SSO coverage according to the same source."


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Submitted by michaelwb on

Wait, why do I have the sinking feeling that there is some Obamacrat/Obamablogger trying to connect Iran & Sarah Palin for the win?

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Submitted by madamab on

that Social Security will be writing checks that exceed the amount of money available in the fund for the first time this year.

It's next, all right. The "meming" is already beginning.

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Submitted by votermom on

Based on the groundowrk being laid now (outside the blogosphere), I'd say they are in fact intending to run on their record, namely of passing this Historic Health Care Reform Bill over the opposition of the Right Wing,

This is what I heard on RW talk radio this am. (When I am too disgusted to listen to NPR news, I will check what they are saying)
They are saying that Dems will keep seats because of this because the MSM is advertising hard on how much people will benefit from HCR.

I think of it as the Microsoft Method: Vote for us because Windows 2011 which is already pre-ordered will be so GREAT! Isn't it great that we pre-ordered it?

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Submitted by quixote on

I've been noticing that now, suddenly, they're on to "financial reform." Just in time to say when campaigning, "Oh, but we did slap the banksters."

Combine that with "ZOMG!!111!! Look at those freaks!! The wingers are crazeee!!!" I could see it working as a good roach motel for progressive energies, in Somerby's immortal words.

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Submitted by three wickets on

This rhetoric in the DK faux left that it's not about Obama, it's about Beck and Limbaugh and Hannity. It's senseless misdirection. Along with the other meme I keep running into with Obamafans that goes: you know in your heart he's doing the right thing, so back off. In my heart? I didn't vote for the guy. They must be trying to tug at those emotional memories from the campaign.

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Submitted by three wickets on

I can't f--king believe how many truthers there are out there in the progressive blogosphere. When did the Martians land exactly. I must have been out of the country.

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Submitted by three wickets on

This could qualify as fearmongering tactics at FDL. Or maybe the guy reads too much science fiction. Either way it's a pathology that I should probably make an effort to understand better. People driven by frustration to conspiracy fantasies and obsessions. It's a relative of the cult mania behind Obama during the campaign. Suspension of reality, mind warpy stuff.

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Submitted by sporkovat on

... many of whom are also getting more seldom over there.

for those not banned from commenting on JH and Jon Walker posts, congrats and keep up the good work, and don't cross over into thoughtcrime!

I think Blue Texan may have also decided that banning is the best way to enforce the desired message discipline, which is basically their Product at the Lake and the other access blogs.

(by that I mean, "we produce and maintain the outer perimeter of acceptable discourse for Democratically identified 'progressives', and we defend this perimeter from breaches in both directions. In exchange, we might get head-pats from a few courtiers at Versailles!" some sort of unspoken deal like that.)

and I agree with a little night that they will try to run on their record for mass consumption, but they will have a separate plan for our sort of political demographic, or that "serviced" by major prog blogs.

cheers folks!

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Submitted by three wickets on

like Kos and others. Aside from the occasional conspiracy nut, I've found the commenting if not all the posts fairly palatable lately. More genuinely left than Kos who are shilling for Obama and obsessed with the tea party. But maybe it's all costuming with them too.

Submitted by lambert on

Kos is an outright thug, and Hamsher isn't, so there's space for a counterface and countervailing narratives at FDL. In addition, Marcy Wheeler does original reporting that's excellent.

That said, FDL, along with OL, were the purveyors of the (lethal, to other) "public option" zombie sparkle pony. With OL, FDL's business model depends on access for funding; they served as "meme laundries" for the Dem Party; they're still pushing the public option, for example. And with every other high traffic career "progressive" blog, they shamefully participated in suppressing single payer coverage.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

well done and great to see ya!

I am doing all I can IRL to let people know what "True Left" is.

Like invasion of the body snatchers... kill the messengers.

I think legacy and pragmatic progressive Dems sold out with health care and are now falling in love with their own rationalizing hype. So much kool-aid so little time. Gamesmanship uber alles. Cronyism with those nice lobbyists.

Throwing people and rights under that proverbial busy bus ... clean up of democracy in lane x, for heaven's sake.