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Brazil awesomeness

Check the photos. Here's a summary:

Yesterday, Brazilian dissenters called for people across the country to rally, and rally they did. More than a million people in some 100 cities across Brazil took to the streets last night. Some even put the number of protestors at closer to 2 million.

While the vast majority of protests were non-violent, many people resorted to throwing stones, looting storefronts, lighting cars on fire and pulling down street signs and lamp posts. Brazilian police responded with blockades, pepper spray and tear gas. More than 40 people were injured, and at least one person has died.

A million....

This is Tahrir Square scale. I did a round-up on world-wide protest before millions filled the streets, so I had and gave a little heads's-up, but still... I was still behind the curve.

Maybe I should do a live blog.....

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