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Brain-dead Ds

DFA uses DNC's failure to fund Barret's campaign against Walker as a fund-raising hook:

Lambert -

Right-wing Gov. Scott Walker is outraising Democrat Tom Barrett 25-to-1, the Republican National Committee says it'll spend whatever it takes to keep Walker in office, and right-wing Super PACs are spending millions of dollars ahead of the June 5 recall election.

But [rather, And] the Democratic National Committee won't commit to spending any money in Wisconsin as part of the recall [And so, give your money to us!!!!].

Polls in Wisconsin are still split [No, they're not. Walker is up six] and without DNC support, our Get Out The Vote program is more important than ever [No, it isn't. The locals are more important than you].

DFA is the boots on the ground in Wisconsin. [Gawd, what a lie.] We've been on the ground for three weeks [imagine!] -- and we're going to be on the ground through Election Day. We're working to hit 127,353 [I love spurious accuracy in direct mail] doors across the state because talking to voters face-to-face is the most effective tactic to get people to vote.

Please chip in $10 [even if the DNC won't] to the DFA Wisconsin recall campaign and help turn out Democrats to vote in the June 5 recall.

A win in Wisconsin will send shockwaves across the country. Republicans see Walker as a leader and they see his War on Working Families as a blueprint to smash unions and middle class families, and to turn blue states red [which would be why DNC isn't funding the effort].

We need to send a message to Republicans [and not the DNC] watching nationwide -- attack the middle class and you will lose.

Polls show the race is neck-and-neck [No, it isn't. Walker is up six] and there are virtually no undecided voters left [No, 4%]. Turnout is going to decide who wins and who loses -- and we're on the ground to turn out Democratic voters [and collect your overhead].

Can you chip in $10 to the DFA Wisconsin recall campaign?

Thank you for all that you do.


Michael Langenmayr, Political Director
Democracy for America

Would make more sense if DFA threatened DNC with pulling the troops. Very publicly and vocally.

Hey, here's an idea! Write an open letter. I'll help with the salutation: "Dear Obama:..."

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Submitted by goldberry on could just donate to the recall effort directly and cut out the middle men!

You might want to suggest that to them. I don't give my email address out to campaign orgs anymore. Too much spam.

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Submitted by wanderindiana on

DFA: social circle or social network? The same goes for the Democratic Party. Consider in light of the "dancing with handcuffs" video.


... me, I say a network of circles, hierarchical, of course, full of misplaced, contrived, desperate trust.