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BP Oil Slick Politics and Obama


Tom Eley of WSWS reveals that the newly elected interim prime minister of Libya is a faculty member of the Petroleum Institute, a think tank funded by BP and other salivating Brit, French and American oil companies prepping the carve up of Libya’s oil resources.


The Libyan War. The regime change from Gaddafi. The destruction of a country. Humanitarianism? The Arab spring?

“It’s the oil, stupid!”

BP? Hmmmmm. That name rings a bell even in, as Gore Vidal proclaimed it, the United States of Amnesia!

Tom Eley:

The granting of new exploratory drilling rights to BP takes to a new level of shamelessness the subordination of the Obama administration to corporate interests. Not only has there has been no punishment for any executive from BP, Transocean, or Halliburton—the three corporations whose profit-driven negligence caused the April 20, 2010 blowout—but BP has now been given the green light to launch four new wells engaging in the same sort of deep-sea exploration as took place at the Macondo well.

It is only 18 friggin’ months after the Deepwater Horizon’s blowout which killed 11 workers. Which also, Eley reminds, caused the WORST OIL SPILL IN US HISTORY!

Eley explains that the permits were granted by the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE), replacement to Minerals Management Service (MMS). The new acronym, Eley speculates, is the most serious “change” the Obama administration seems capable of in answer to the BP atrocities.

Change enough it would seem to our “butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-his-mouth-NOT” Obama for witless America. Hell, 18 months is plenty of time for witless America to reach numbness once again from that particular disaster.

Citizen inertia and political propaganda are Obama’s best friends. Along with his corporate, fellow one percenters.

Michael Bromwich is Obama’s choice as chief of the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. Get a load of what he recently asserted:

BP has a GOOD offshore drilling record.

Eley discloses Bromwich went even farther:

“They don’t have a deeply flawed record offshore,” he said “The question is: ‘Do you administer the administrative death penalty based on one incident?’, and we have concluded that’s not appropriate.”

Eley posits:

Far from a “death penalty,” BP has suffered no penalty at the hands of the federal government. According to Congressman Ed Markey of Massachusetts of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, BP has yet to pay any fine.

You know, I heard an idiot, talking head on the news recently asserting that Obama should not be taken to task at all for the disastrous conditions in the United States because he is not, after all, a “messiah.”

Say what?

Now that is a serious re-framing rationalization. What’s wrong with you???? You expect Obama to be a MESSIAH???? How dare you criticize so much that is criticizable and lamentable in Obama. You don’t have the right because he is not, after all, a messiah!!!! You are apparently WRONG and unentitled to have higher expectations of him.

I’m thinking there is the high level Messiah bar and then there is the bar where the Obama administration is at. And there is considerable space between the two. I’m thinking MILES!

“BP shouldn’t be subject to the death penalty” is Mr. Bromwich’s LAME and IDIOTIC justification for granting BP exploratory drilling rights.

Eley frames the INCREDIBLE ACCOUNTABILITY-FREE PROFITEERING CAKE WALK (aside from the simultaneous one in Libya). This one right back to the actual scene of BP’s horrific recent crimes:

“In July 2011, BP announced additional safety enhancements and performance standards they would voluntarily implement in connection with its deep water drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico. BOEM has verified that BP has met the relevant voluntary performance standards.”

This “self-compliance” to “voluntary” regulations is the same concept of regulation that led to the Deepwater Horizon disaster and that prevails in every branch of US industry, including food processing (which has made millions sick in recent years) and finance (which set the stage for the global economic crisis begun in 2007).

Financial analysts are now confident that the Obama administration will not pursue BP for “gross negligence” in the Gulf oil disaster, in spite of overwhelming evidence, including a lengthy paper trail and survivor testimony documenting the short cuts and reckless decisions taken to speed the Macondo Well into production. If BP is found to have been grossly negligent, under the Clean Water Act it could face billions in additional fines.

BP’s share prices rallied last month after one of the other corporations implicated in the Gulf disaster, Anadarko Petroleum, paid out $4 billion to settle all claims between the two companies. “The settlement [was] also an indication that BP was not guilty of gross negligence for the spill,” according to a financial commentator.

The Anadarko settlement will also allow BP to end payments into the escrow fund set up by the Obama administration as a means of shielding the oil giant from lawsuits. The “claims facility” fund is overseen by Washington lawyer Kenneth Feinberg, who previously has protected the federal government from inquiries into the 9/11 terrorist attacks by victims’ families, and chemical firms from veterans made sick by the defoliant Agent Orange used in the Vietnam War. BP’s payments into Feinberg’s fund “will finish in 2012, a year ahead of schedule,” according to the British Daily Express.

Obamaworld, where anything goes for the one percenters!

Still goes, as Kenneth Feinberg proves. Agent Orange to 9/11 to the BP disaster. Kenneth Feinberg, by the way, one more seriously craven choice of OBAMA!!!

Speaking of accountability free cakewalks, Obama will enjoy one himself in 2012 because .... because ... because ... it is the Republicans who are just too corrupt!

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Submitted by Hugh on

BP was supposed to pay $20 billion into a compensation fund. This was supposed to be an initial down payment on its liabilities but as it has turned out only about $5 billion has been paid out. Feinberg who is overseeing the assessment and dispersal of funds has been making out like a bandit with his firm now pulling down $1.25 million a month for running the program. Oh and so far, Feinberg has paid out on only about 200,000 of more than 500,000 claims. So I'm thinking at best maybe only about $10 billion is ever going to be paid out, and I believe BP is claiming any and all payouts as tax deductions so they are paying even less. It's really all just a scam on a scam on a scam.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

was thinking about how Karzai was from Unocol, Union Oil Company of California. corporatist puppeteers and their handy dandy puppets whether in this country or others. Feinberg portrayed as a bid teddy bear of a guy on the corporate tube.

"a scam on a scam on a scam" says it so well.

but the Repubs faux-liberal media declares are the corrupt ones. Geeeeeeez.

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

Thoughtless and Witless describes the TINA (there is no alternative) world. Talking heads called Obama a Messiah. Even Rolling Stone in 2008 had him on the cover with a halo around his head. Bunch of us weren't buying it then and aren't buying it now. You are right. There are miles between this corrupt administration and heaven. And there's not much air either between the war mongering airheads on the right and the corrupt war mongering cynics on the left.

Instead let us spend our energy in supporting the Occupiers. "Festivals of Resistance". And love to Shelby, leader of Occupy Denver. If that happened in Montana, our Governor Brian, would most definitely have his Border Collie, Jag, meet with Shelby.