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BP funds sand castle contest on beach with oil 18 to 24 inches under the sand

Just unbelievable. Or not.

I especially like the part where BP says they can't clean up the beach because of "buried historical treasures." Who knows, it might even be true.

It just gets wearisome watching people act totally without shame or remorse. POTL.

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Submitted by Bryan on

I'm a local, Jawbone, and taking a shovel to the beach will get you a quick trip to jail.

The "treasure" consists of bits of wood, iron or brass hardware, cut nails, pottery shards, and if you're lucky, a garbage pit.

Depending on where you are on the beach, you will be dealing with the National Parks police, deputies from any of three counties, or Air Force security police. No digging is permitted unless you are a small child, and then only in certain limited areas.

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Submitted by Bryan on

First off, the sand sculptures are not on the beach near the Gulf but well back beyond the berms/dunes. You can't get a permit to dig on the beach near the water because of sea turtle nesting areas, and other concerns.

Second, the local authority for the beach has already done the required studies to get the permits to disturb the beach as part of a beach erosion control project that has been underway since 2004.

Third, much of the area that really needs cleaning is in a national wild life reserve which has its own rules on permitting.

Fourth, there really are definite possibilities that artifacts will be found if they start digging, because artifacts, including the remains of vessels, have been found after every major hurricane,

BP is a creature from hell that should be returned beginning with the public hanging of its entire board, but, in this case, they aren't allowed to dig without the required permits which can't be issued without the proper surveys.

[Full disclosure: friends of mine are local archaeologists who will probably be hired to do some of the surveys.]

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That's why I put the "who knows" qualifier in there...

Still, BP using the sand castling for PR purposes is nauseating, and they're guilty until proven innocent on anything they say.

And Bryan, if you will keep us posted on this, it would be great.