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Boxing Day/Kwanzaa Virtual Healthcare House Party Round-up


We'll be picking up the discussion

Today, Saturday, Dec. 27 at 8EST

Lambert will be rolling out the survey so we can spread the word.

Amberglow linked to an excellent article on why single payer opponents fear the single payer option. Basically, peons like us would like public insurance so much, we would choose it instead of more expensive private health insurance plans.

Public Insurance Would Work Too Well and We’d Like It Too Much, Republicans Warn

We kicked around some ideas on how to bend this to our uses, but we can use more.

Here are a couple:

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful. Especially when it's good health."
"Healthcare for all -- "too popular," says the rightwing -- prove them right -- HR676 now!"

We had some discussion about what constitutes a right-wing meme regarding an issue related to healthcare (rationing and unemployment due to health insurance workers getting the boot). I think addressing these issues head-on is a good idea, but perhaps we could cut the fear down by presenting them differently. For example, healthcare is rationed by inability to pay.

And I asked for a bazooka with which to attack zombies and no one is going to give me one. Potato cannons are not bazookas, end of story.

We had some more ad ideas based on the “America is #1”/exceptionalism and how to attack this idea, especially in regards to healthcare:

Animation/ad ideas:

"Did you know France has the lowest number and we have the highest number of deaths from preventable causes like medical mistakes? Yet more proof that we're number one!”

“Our Uniquely American healthcare Solution: So what if more people die? At least it ain't French."

Graphic of a scoreboard:
Home team: USA: 94
Away team: France: 16
We win!*

*Number of preventable deaths caused by medical mistakes per capita. [This is a sample, not based on real stats.]

Lambert wanted to use “right” and “entitlement” as part of the tag on any collateral. Amber pointed out that the word “right” isn’t as powerful as we might think. I personally have an issue with use of “entitled” and “entitlement”---I get that lambert wants to reclaim the terms, but that’s adding to an already tough fight. Basically, by using “entitled.” I think we’ll have to roll a boulder as we fight our way uphill and my arms are already tired from waving this stake around.

But lambert is standing his ground: “ ‘Health care is a right. I support single payer.’ That's my tagline, and I'm sticking to it.”

Then amber shared some articles on medical tourism

Canada welcomes medical tourists

South Korea Joins Lucrative Practice of Inviting Medical Tourists to Its Hospitals

To which hipparchia added that even the insurance companies are paying people to get their operations in cheaper countries. This presents us with an opportunity for more designs, so now we have designs on which to design more:

My mom went India to get a new heart...
And all I got was this lousy t-shirt!
Single payer: A uniquely American solution!

17,000 people die each year...
because the insurance companies couldn't make a buck from saving their lives. Will you be one?
Health care is a right. I support single payer!

The idea here is to use a wearable, honest, and meaningful phrase to spark discussion with regular people as you go about your day. This is kind of an important idea and I think it fair to say, at the core of our effort here.

Gqmartinez asked in another thread why, if people want a product like single payer, it is so hard to sell. There’s one fundamental reason: because they don’t know the product is out there.
They’ve been told that “universal healthcare” is socialism, they’ll be denied care, it will cost too much, how can you trust the government, you won’t have any privacy, blah blah blah. What they haven’t been told is the stuff we’re talking about here. But dumping a bunch of facts on them doesn't work.

There are people already spreading the facts about single payer. There are people who have spent years researching and gathering data. We don’t have the resources to duplicate this material, but if someone wants to research it, more power to you and I’ll be happy to read about what you’ve found. What we're talking about here is the first step in the buying cycle---to help people become aware that they have a better option than the ones they have or will be given by the Obama administration, and to offer a phrase that encompasses that need and solution.

That is single payer.

Our part in this sneaky little effort is to get the term out there by wearing it. This isn't to tell people what to do, but instead, to give them something to ask about---"Single payer? What's that?" If they ask, they want to know, whatever the reason. We are banking on someone's desire to know to help us spread the word.

Why focus on this? Well, I think first because it works to our strengths and because it’s fast. Time is of the essence right now---it may not be later. Look, the chances of single payer happening is one in a trillion. With our help, those chances may go to one in 900 billion---still a long shot, but a little less of a long shot, and frankly, I’ll take it.

Add as you see fit. I'll report back later.

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I did think of another t-shirt thing: Ask me how---you, too, can be part of the vast left-wing conspiracy!