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Boxing Day open thread

Photos cats playing with wrapping paper and sitting in boxes welcome!

Sorry, once again for light posting. I am dealing with a slew of landlord-type issues, and other RL issues. Nothing bad, and all will ultimately leave me better off, one way or another, but time-consuming! Hopefully all such issues will be out of the way by the first week in January, when I shall in in New York (and hope to see people in the NY area, as we did a year or two, was it???, ago.

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You're darn straight--dogs, too!

Not that I can presume to speak for Lambert. ;-)

Cool name.

"Our Gang" (except for reruns) was a bit before my era, but from what I recall, Spanky's girl was "Darla."

Here's a pic of your Darla's namesake below:

Clearly, your Darla's much prettier!

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Submitted by Dromaius on

You guessed Darla's namesake! And well-earned when she was a tiny pup. I used to call her my "holy terrior". She's now almost 14. Yesterday was actually a great exercise day for her because she walked all the way upstairs without being carried, and also about three-tenths of a mile in our neighborhood.