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Boxer puts Inhofe in full Nelson

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Is this cool or what?

Think Progress Inhofe

I don't think I could be more pround of Boxer for the way she managed Inhofe. Grace and fairness exemplified. It doesn't get any better.

Inhofe is from Oklahoma. My state. Someday his children and grandchildren are going to be rationalizing his positions on many, many issues, but global warming will take the most effort.

As with so many Repbulicans, the way to know when he is lying is to watch and see if his mouth is moving. He is a total corporate whore. I don't what it will take to get rid of him, but his term is up in 2009. I hope that his position on the war and on global warming will lead to his defeat.

I have to tell you, if there is a concerted effort in this state to make that happen, I don't see it.


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