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Bowers Declares: Mission Accomplished!

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Or at least that's how I read it:

I believe I can sum up, in three main points why progressives are so frustrated right now:

They are on the short-end of a left-progressive vs. Third Way ideological divide with the leadership of the American center-left coalition;

In attempts to not be on the short-end of #1, and persuade the coalition rank and file to join them, they face a massive organizational deficit against the coalition leadership;

Finally, if progressives look to split with the coalition in response to #1 and #2, more often than not they just end up getting squashed for it.

Or banned for it, right? He could have even added, "You're welcome!" Which is not to say that the words "Progressive" or "Left" or "Center-Left" hadn't long ago lost any meaning.

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if you can make heads or tails out of that word fog. I'll take your word on his meaning.

It's obvious why liberals/progressives/whatever are frustrated: because the policies of the Obama Administration are not liberal/progressive.

I think this deserves a "duh fucking duh."

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Gotta join with my abusers to make them behave better? Justice party, anyone?

(nite-nite all..long shift tonite)

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Right here.

After much baiting, richjensen writes:

Through FDL/Act Blue and the "Better Democrats" initiative Progressives have successfully changed the national conversation and achieved limited, not insignificant, electoral victories in the last 6 years or so. I just don't see the wisdom in walking away from those hard fought achievements to start from scratch.

I'm down with #1 and again encourage you to start and hype a diary that helps explain to people how to go about that. Color for Change made some real progress against Beck this year for example.

I appreciate that you took the time to state your position for me. If you can offer strong arguments to support non-Democratic candidates, arguments at least as strong as the people working the Better Democrats strategy, I will listen. So will many others.

But mobilizing voters and offering thoughtful arguments for alternative strategies is very different from lobbing rapid-fire complaints and personal accusations whenever posters here, like Bowers, suggest that we keep pounding away to remove bad Democrats, elect Better Democrats, and push them to do the right thing.

Just hanging out to complain is troll behavior.

Would that qualify as "squashing"?

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But mobilizing voters and offering thoughtful arguments for alternative strategies

Uhhhhhh...isn't that what single-payer activists were trying to do?