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Boston Marathon bombing capture open thread

For real, I'm glad they captured the guy, as opposed (say) gunning him down and then setting his boat on fire, like the LAPD would have done [but see], assuming he is the guy, and especially assuming the FBI didn't sell these guys the pressure cooker and the baseball caps, like, dammit, they just keep on doing, bless their hearts. USA! USA!

So I'm going to put up this open thread. If we've got readers from Boston online tonight, I'd especially like to know the "ground truth" of what was going on. All of us can do What Does It All Mean with the bes of 'em, but I do feel a little shaky on facts, and since the official interpretation does not seem to have congealed, now is our chance!

So I'm going to start a link fest and keep updating it. Here's the first:

Police allow Dunkin’ Donuts stores to remain open despite Boston lockdown. Leave it to the Brits!

More to come.


People chanting "USA, USA" in the street now. Like fighting off a mugger and singing your home address in celebration.

UPDATE So, they find the second suspect hiding in a boat in a Watertown backyard. When the "shelter in place" "guidance" ended at ~5:00PM, some guy went out in his back yard, saw blood on his boat tarp, looked underneath, and there was the guy, covered in blood! So he retreats hastily and calls the cops. So why didn't the guy shoot him then and there? Or run? Apparently, thermal imagery was used to confirm that, yes, there was a guy hiding in the board. This is presented as some sort of technical triumph, which I suppose it would have been if they'd scanned the whole city of Watertown first, then then detected the guy.

UPDATE Photo of suspect two being seen to by medics after they "captured" him:

Could that be why he wasn't Miranda-ized? In no shape to speak? (And now at Beth Israel)

UPDATE Maybe or maybe not:

A DOJ official explains why Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzokhar Tsarnaev has not been read his Miranda rights.

"The suspect is en route to the hospital for immediate treatment," the official tells TPM's Sahil Kapur. "But we plan to invoke the public safety exception to Miranda in order to question the suspect extensively about other potential explosive devices or accomplices and to gain critical intelligence."

The public safety exception allows law enforcement officials to question suspects briefly in a legally admissable way prior to providing Miranda rights in cases of terrorism or when the public might face imminent threat.

UPDATE DiceyTroop from #OWS

UPDATE Boston now:


Since when is "diversity" a substitute for Constitutional government?

UPDATE More investigation:

"[OBAMA] Obviously tonight there are still many unanswered questions. Among them: why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and country resort to such violence? How did they plan and carry out these attacks, and did they receive any help?" Obama said.

Not, one hopes, from the FBI.

UPDATE Guardian:

Tsarnaev had proved to be exceptionally adept in eluding the combined forces of some of the most highly trained and heavily armed law enforcement agencies in America. By that point he had managed to evade capture for more than four days.

Just.... Hmm....


And a man who lived in the same Cambridge neighborhood as the brothers and speaks Russian said the older one told him “he was upset with America because America was in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries.” The man, who declined to give his name, added, “Should I have called someone [the KGB?] to tell them this guy doesn’t like America? I'm having second thoughts.”

Blowback is blowback. Maybe we as a nation should be addressing causes instead of inventing new speech- and thoughtcrimes.

UPDATE List of Cambridge Scholarship winners, 2011:

The 2011 Recipients:

This year’s recipients [of $2500 scholarships for college from the city of Cambridge] will be honored at a ceremony and reception May 16 at 4 p.m. in the Sullivan Chamber of Cambridge City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Avenue.

Sarah Adkins, Arjun Agarwala, Jason Tang, Neyka Alexandre, Paola Arias Sanabria, Ty Atkin, Ariane Berelowitch, Samuel Borrus, Samisa Brioso, Joan Brunetta, Gina Chen, Gwendolyn Child, Abina Cohen, Kayla Coleman, Katrina Cooper, Judy Cortes, Anne-Marie Denis, Sira Fati, Jillian Felie, Hannah Firestone, Carlos Galvao, Kidan Gebremedhin, Yordanos Gebremichl, Adam Gelaw, Lillianna Griggs, David Guan, Pouchy Guerrier, Michael Sferza-Lewis, Hichem Hadjeres, Regina Hallisey, Pasang Lhamo, Rebecca Loh, Rebecca Mazur, Amatullah Mervin, Kathleen Mullen, Suryani Dewa Ayu, Liam O’Leary, Rebecca Pearce-Probst, Megan Rebello, Rose Schutzberg, Hyun-Wook Seo, Alexandros Stefanakis, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Dorcas Yip, Fesehaye Zewdie.

So, that's really just sad. What the heck happened?! (Assuming Tsarnaev is guilty, which I seem to be doing.) And look at the names.... I do agree with Obama on diversity. It's just that diversity is not enough. After all, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, plural, was composed of many nationalities, some of which had their own jurisdictions. The USSR was very diverse. It was also a decaying empire and a sclerotic police state of continental scale. Sound familiar?

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arresting officers will not read Dzhokhar Tsarnaev his Miranda rights, citing a so-called "public safety exception." The Department of Justice has listed Tsarnaev as a “high value detainee” on their website.

"Jesselyn Radack (born 1970) is a former ethics adviser to the United States Department of Justice who came to prominence as a whistleblower after she disclosed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) committed an ethics violation in their interrogation of John Walker Lindh (the "American Taliban" captured during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan) without an attorney present, and that the Department of Justice attempted to suppress that information. The Lindh case was the first major terrorism prosecution after 9/11.[5] Her experience is chronicled in her memoir, TRAITOR: The Whistleblower and the "American Taliban".
She is currently the National Security & Human Rights Director of the Government Accountability Project, a leading whistleblower organization."

John Walker Lindh[ naked, bound on a strecher]following his capture by US troops in December 2001. Photograph: Getty Images
"His wounds were inspected by medical personnel but not treated; shackles cut blood flow to his hand and caused excruciating pain, which his captors refused to relieve; he was taunted by guards who cocked a gun to his head and threatened him with death. Foreshadowing Abu Ghraib, photographs circulated with salacious slogans (“shithead”) written on his blindfold.

After two weeks of imprisonment …he was cut loose from the stretcher, given pajamas to cover his nakedness, and interrogated for several days by an FBI agent. During the questioning, he was, in all likelihood, in a state of delirium resulting from gastrointestinal infection, starvation, dehydration, hypothermia, frost bite, pain, and infected bullet wounds. When he was transferred to a U.S. navy ship, medical personnel were shocked at his condition. Denial of medical care and food to prisoners of war was still, in late 2001, a violation of the rules of conduct set by the Geneva Conventions and the Army Field Manual."

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I have a gut instinct to disregard conspiracy theories. That said, has anyone else been wondering about how the government has had operations ongoing during many of the big tragedies? 9/11 had "Operation Northern Vigilance". Sandy Hook had the "active shooter drill' taking place 40 miles away. Now Boston had a bomb drill with bomb sniffing dogs present at the start and finish lines. Ask any homocide investigator what he/she thinks of coincidences and I believe you will find they don't believe in them.

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One thing that would sort of fit what we know is if the FBI goaded these guys into violence (the MO in nearly every terrorist arrest since 9/11) and then botched the bust (i.e. lost track of them at the last minute).