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Booman is the stupidest Obot on the face of the earth

A Risible and Inept Performance . Kerry, before the Senate. Not Obama, heaven forfend. The word "Obama" doesn't even occur in Booman's post.

The Kossacks work for the Czar, you stupid tool.

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Submitted by upyernoz on

So let me get this straight: Boomman is "the stupidest Obot on the face of the earth" because he commented on the secretary of state's performance before Congress instead of writing the post you would have written?


Submitted by lambert on

Booman is the stupidest Obot on the face of the earth because he can't or won't see that the Kossacks work for the czar and couldn't write that post if his life depended on it.* Please do feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in the unlikely event that the Kool-Aid had finally worn off.

Good to know that the Obot trolls are still paying attention, though. I appreciate it. Anyhow, Booman got some hits from NC, so don't say the reality-based community never did anything for you.

NOTE * To be fair, there are many other reasons why Booman is the stupidest Obot on the face of the earth. This is but one of them.

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Submitted by upyernoz on

So you disagree with my characterization because, um... well, it's not clear you have an argument. You just think Booman is a stupid Obot stupid Obot stupid Obot!!! and that somehow if you say it enough everyone else will think you have a coherent point or something.

So why exactly do you think I'm an Obot now? If you ever wanted to convince me that you don't use that term with much actual thought, you're doing a good job!

I also contest your characterization of me as a troll. I was not trying to disrupt any substantive discussion here, I was trying to start one. But I guess anyone who interrupts your mindless name calling in order to question what you might mean by it is a "troll" now.

Submitted by lambert on

... people who vanish for extended periods of time and then show up only to defend Booman are trolls, yes, especially the ones that start out with snark. And most trolls pretend they want serious discussion --- since their goal is to create a time sink.

If you want to have a serious discussion, start one. Otherwise, feel free to stomp off. It's a big Internet.

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Submitted by upyernoz on

I'm not defending Booman. I'm just asking you to clarify what your point is. And how did I start off with snark?

If you want to have a serious discussion, start one.

It's not clear to me how you expect me to initiate a serious discussion if you assume that any question I ask is snark, that I'm a troll, an Obot, a Booman defender, etc. It seems to me that you're just flinging names at me for having the temerity to question something you wrote.

You're right, I haven't commented for a while. But that doesn't mean I don't drop in more often than I comment. Most of the posts here are self-explanatory. This one didn't make sense to me. I mean, my understanding of what an "Obot" is, is a person who defends the President no matter what he does. On the issue of Syria Booman actually disagrees with the President and he criticized the administration's secretary of state in his post. That seems to undermine your whole Obot premise. Your post doesn't make much sense, so it seemed to me that your entire beef was just that Booman didn't yell and scream about how much Obama sucks like you would do. But so what? Not everyone is going to write the posts you would write on that issue. Calling him names just seemed kinda childish. (that is basically your rep. But I thought I would at least give you a chance to respond)

Submitted by lambert on

That's gotta sting! Really funny, too. I invented an entire department, "Annals of Career 'Progressive' idiocy" exactly for Booman, and now not only Pierce (twice) but NC use him as an object lesson. Prematurely correct again.