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Prosecute News Corp.

The U.S. government should go after Murdoch's media company for its corrupt practices and revoke its TV licenses if it's found guilty.

Be sure to check out The Guardian's yummy phone hacking coverage.

UPDATE: Is News Corp Finished - Senator Rockefeller Tells Feds to Investigate Fox Hacking of 9/11 Victims


Protest against Rupert Murdoch and his phone hacking at 12:30 tomorrow in front of Murdoch’s home at 834 5th Avenue. This protest will take place across the street.

UPDATE 3 Senator Kerry, still wanking:

“We’re keeping an eye on the situation, but are not planning on looking into it at this time,” said Jodi Seth, press secretary of Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Senate sub-committee on communications.

“For now, all that is certain is that there was hacking in Britain, which is outside of our jurisdiction.”

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He's probably known for a long time who tipped off prosecutors to his flings with prostitutes. This is the way Fox News came to rule the country. Get a little too liberal or assertive about taking on the powerful and before you know it, someone's airing your dirty laundry on Fox or leaking the details to Andrew Breitbart. Presto change-O! Your inconvenient liberal is sidelined to be replaced by some student council president type toady who's scared of his own shadow and is guaranteed to cooperate or not rock the boat.
Yep, suspending Fox's license would be very good indeed. It's a poison to the non wealthy and unconnected.

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...the US would rather go to war against the UK to clear the good name of Rupert Murdoch and the News Corp, than prosecute him. Maybe a few "bad apples" will be found, but the Washington elite (including NPR and PBS) will rally around the beleaguered Murdoch (in the name of freedom of speech, of course). And then they'll get back to business of calling for wikileaks indictments.

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9/11 is pretty powerful mojo. Messing around with WTC victims phone messages is going to ignite a shitstorm.
OTOH, Fox profited greatly from 9/11 and now it may be taken down by it.

Nice one, vastleft. Too funny. You need to work that into one if your cartoons.

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many news conglomerates are also cable providers. TimeWarner, NBC/Comcast, Washington Post Corp, and others own cable properties. It is a lead pipe cinch that they are using those properties to spy on newsmakers.

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And what could be wrong with storing your data in the cloud?

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is that it, combined with the deep unpopularity of the spending cuts he's tried to push through, means that David Cameron is probably finished.

This scandal has already taken down one member of his inner circle- his former communications advisor, Andy Coulson. The Liberal Democrats who are partnered with him in his coalition government are already criticizing him. If anyone else close to Cameron is found to be in the thick of this, I could see the Lib Dems deserting the Conservatives, which would force elections.

Now if only Labour could get on with purging their nasty neoliberal Blairite faction and return to their pro-worker, pro-socialist roots.