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Bomb Bugs, Not Babies

This post has no political content at all. It is, however, exterminationist in its thinking and subject matter. The subject is garden pests, particularly squash bugs.

It has pictures. Those of us who are new to these things need pictures.

Squash bugs must die. My apologies to those I killed with a stick yesterday while they were engaged in sexual congress. I felt very bad about that but console myself that they died happy.

Today I went to pick what i thought was one deformed pepper (cayenne) off a plant which had suddenly turned scraggly. That wasn't a pepper--it was the biggest goddam "tomato" worm I ever saw. Eww. I regret having to hate such a lovely creature but fuggim, they must die.

Tonight the wrath of Sevin shall be wrought upon the land. After the bees have gone to bed of course.

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