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Bogus charges of sexism

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Now Emily's list is in on the act. Emily’s List Official Accuses Bernie Sanders Team of Sexism

Given how many directions this is coming from it is obviously coordinated. I can only quote CorrenteWire's own lambert strether on this topic:

I’m guessing the Democratic playbook for Clinton in 2016 will be exactly the same as the playbook for 2008, except with “black” scratched out and “women” written in, and “racist” scratched out, and “misogynist” written in. A thick skin, and a sense of irony, will be essential survival tools, so get ready.

See also CannonFire.

The idea is to dismiss any criticism or Hillary as sexist in order to distract voters from her austerity agenda: Hillary Clinton did not rule out future benefit cuts to social security

It is not 2008 anymore, and Sanders' campaign is not Hillary's 2008 campaign and this smear tactic will not work.

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