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Bobby Jindal Brings the Schadenfreude; David Brooks Mourns GOP's Future

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Bobby Jindal repeated the Reagan line word for word, and now it's nihilism? I seriously do not understand the Conservative mindset.

First we had

the Nixon "secret plan to end the war" FAIL. Then we had the "wage and price freeze" FAIL (remember stagflation? I do). Then we had the massive FAIL that was Watergate ("When the President does it, it's NOT illegal!").

Then we had the Gerry Ford FAIL:
Ford can be credited with bills involving energy decontrol, tax cuts, deregulation of the securities industries, and antitrust law reform. .Ford sought to combat high inflation by having large quantities of buttons printed and distributed nationwide, with only the word "WIN" on the button's face -- an acronym for "Whip Inflation Now." Not surprisingly, the buttons did little to curb inflation.

Ronald Reagan brought us the "Morning in America" fail that put thousands of people who really were not capable of taking care of themselves out on the streets in a misbegotten excuse for a budget-cut. His notion that the poor and the mentally ill were loafers undeserving of support caught fire like California brush in December. A former Union president himself, the erstwhile McCarthyite (he opposed Communism and Socialism in all its forms, he said over and over and over again) presided under the rubric of The Great Communicator -- another FAIL. Communications requires a two-way traffic protocol, and even Reagan would claim later he had no idea what was done in his name (arms for hostages, Iran/Contra, Oliver North the Rogue Light Colonel of Marines) despite his penchant for "witticisms" (We begin bombing in five minutes.) -- and the whole time the fabric of the country grew more and more threadbare. Families were forced off their farms, called 'poor managers' by the Reagan USDA and loan authorities; had Congress not stepped in with the Conservation Reserve Program, far fewer farms would have remained in private (as in, non-ag-corporation) hands. Interior Secretary James Watt and his cohorts in the Reagan cabinet made a joke out of everything from OSHA and the EPA to the CDC; the anti-science, pro-business climate the GOP created sent the country into meltdown via the S&L crisis and 1987's "Black Tuesday," but the nation then elected George HW Bush anyway.

In many ways he marked the end of an era; he was the last of the WWII Navy vets to rise to the Presidency as a Republican, and the last "patrician" President; but his stewardship of the nation was so spectacular a FAIL that a Democratic governor from Arkansas beat him.

Two years later the GOP resurrected itself and created the Contract With America (also known as the Contract ON America), championed by FAIL artist Newt Gingrich. On the strength of Ken Starr's fanatical and fantastical pursuit of ... what? exactly? ... the GOP went so far as to impeach a sitting President, for only the 2nd time in the nation's history. Impeachment was another massive FAIL, though, and Bill Clinton was re-elected: the first Democrat to pull that off since FDR. By 2000 the GOP had learned its lesson and veered away from even appearances of fair elections when George W. Bush went to court to sue for a halt in ballot recounting in Florida, and the Supreme Court agreed, installing the usurper who then spent eight years driving the country off cliff after cliff after cliff.

And it's only NOW that Conservative pundits like Brooks recognize the nihilism?????

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Submitted by pie on

politicians? Why are they so stupid? Is this all a game to them? I was at the gym and saw the bit on teevee about Joe Barton's twitter last night and discussed here:

Rep. Joe Barton (TX): Aggie basketball game is about to start on espn2 for those of you that aren't going to bother watching pelosi smirk for the next hour.

...and then....

Rep. Joe Barton (TX): Disregard that last Tweet from a staffer.

Both of these tweets from Rep. Barton no longer appear on his profile page, but you can still find them on Tweet Congress.

Not only did he write it, but then he tried to blame it on some lowly staffer. Things aren't bad enough in the country. We have to have clowns representing us.

What a Class A moron.