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Bluegrass for the soul


Since I just came across them over the last week, I thought I'd highlight a couple of former child prodigies (adult prodigies now?) on the bluegrass scene. I don't keep up with contemporary music, especially not the autotuned and overcompressed current pop music. So I was delighted to find out about these two.

First up is Sierra Hull. She's insanely good with the mandolin. You can find some videos on youtube of her when she was 11 playing with folks like Sam Bush and Alison Krauss. Nowadays she's also singing and writing songs. The video below is of an instrumental bluegrass composition of hers, which to me sounds like an instant classic. But her singing is also not to be missed.

Next up is Sarah Jarosz. Like Hull, she plays mandolin, sings, and writes songs. She also plays other string instruments, including a mean clawhammer banjo (as you can see in video below). But her voice and singing are simply out of this world. Much of her work isn't really bluegrass, but rather some kind of eclectic fusion. Maybe the closest label is progressive bluegrass. Either way, it's pretty awesome. The video below is of a song she wrote but sounds (to my amateur ears) like a traditional song.

Happy listening!

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