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Bloomberg's Massive City-Bike Racks Gone if You're Rich

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Filed as part of the Chronicles of Mayor Bloomberg's Class Wars.

Bloomberg used the City's Department of Transportation to install massive racks of Citibank advertisememnts -- "CitiShare bikes" -- all over the city, usually in the dark of night, with no notice to buildings or businesses that might get shafted by these grotesquely huge installations. Turns out that for the few rich and connected, a quick call to City Hall removed the rack presto. For everyone else -- including the bike shop owner who rents bikes to tourists and is having his business destroyed, or the residents around Petrosino park who lost half their park to a citibike rack and are having to sue DOT -- it's not quite so easy. As an attorney for the "not connecteds" said: you can bet you'll never see a citibike rack in front of Mayor Bloomberg's east side townhouse or gracie mansion.

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