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Bloomberg orders 5,554 books thrown in dumpsters from Zucotti Park Library

UPDATE I guess Bloomberg reads Corrente. Or whoever reads the news for Bloomberg reads Corrente. Now to track this down:



Via Occupy Wall Street Library, New Yorkers meet at 6th and and Canal at 9AM. Another Occupation in Foley Square?

NOTE 5,554 books, all donated.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

Roast in Hell, Bloomberg, you brown-shirted fuckstick. How dare you destroy vessels of knowledge like that.

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

I have a box with brand new wool sox and blankets, ski pants etc waiting to send to NYC, Boston, and Denver. Should I include books?

Submitted by Lex on

I've worked in a library. My mother worked in a book factory since i was five until last year. I've made hundreds of thousands of books in that same factory. I've given up two personal libraries because of overseas moves, and those hurt more than any relationship breakup. I love books and find it beyond stupid that these were thrown away.

However, the attempt to compare the NYPD rounding up everything in the camp and throwing it away, including books, to Nazi book burnings is fucking disgusting. If you want to change this country, start by growing up.

The Nazis burned books based on their content and the ethnic, religious, political affiliation of their authors. It was a concerted effort to wipe particular thoughts from the collective consciousness. It was decidedly selective. Did the NYPD pick through the library and only throw away books that had been declared subversive?

Can you even answer that question, or did you just immediately think to go with the Nazi comparison?

And i'm not defending the cops. I've disliked cops for as long as i can remember. I've been thrown in the back of cars for refusing unlawful searches. I've had long arguments with the bastards about Constitutional rights. I won't even roll the window of my car down more than is required to pass my license to them. I wouldn't even talk to a fucking cop without a lawyer if i witnessed a murder. And i'm sorry that a bunch of middle-class white people are just now finding out that the cops are not your friends. Welcome to the real world.

So you can keep that line of attack in your hip pocket. Save it for someone who won't laugh at it. It won't change the intellectual dishonesty and immaturity of this post anyway.

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Submitted by jumpjet on

and it is always reprehensible, whatever the circumstances and whoever carries it out. If the NYPD at some point returns the books, or even redistributes them, I'll feel a little better, but if I find out they've simply sent them all to a landfill I'll be sure to give any cop I see a piece of my mind if I'm ever in New York.

Submitted by lambert on

You're saying that Bloomberg is less of a fascist because he trashed all the books instead of being selective, like the Nazis? I think that's one of the stupidest arguments I've ever heard in my life. I may be immature, but I don't write checks with my mouth that my brain can't cash.

* * *

My first job was in a library. I've lost one collection, and maintained all the others, including portions from both my parents libraries. I've worked in publishing. I've printed books. I've published a book. Dear Lord.

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Submitted by bungalowkitchens on

just assumed they ALL were subversive. Wouldn't want people being educated as to how the 1% are screwing them. Anyone care to place bets on how long it will be before the internet is shut down?

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

just pop into my head? Not as a result of any concerted effort to censor our reading/news, I'm sure. Perhaps because the overtly violent and destructive tactics used were reminiscent of the book?

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

He said the riot gear in "Fahrenheit" looks eerily the same as now. Gotta rent that from the Netflix.

In a divorce I had to leave a wonderful theater library. Since then I've built up a different library. I love books. I think it is a desecration. It is an act of extreme violence.
Amy Goodman's reporter asked the sanitation worker where the books were going and he laughed and said "The dump" . Ha. Ha. Ha. Creepy to watch the stupidity of that remark.

Now imagine if all the books were on Kindle and Bezos pushed a button and they were all gone. I'd be rummaging through every landfill looking for the real thing.