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Bloomberg Hands Private Group the Pavillion in Union Square Park

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One by one, New York City's commons are being given away to Kleptocrats. Control over Union Square Park is removed from the Parks Department (a public agency) and handed over to a private group of rich people, otherwise known as a "Conservancy." Because TINA NO MONEY!! (A total crock, just like the federal "deficit".) And Union Square's Pavillion has been given away (franchised) to a private restaurant that serves $18 omelets.

From park advocate Geoffrey Croft:

"The city continues to try and abdicate its responsibilities by entering in these public/private agreements that officials are not only allowing but actively encouraging," Croft said at a previous CB subcommittee meeting—the only other meeting held on the topic. "They are increasingly resorting to these pay-to-play funding schemes. This welfare mentality has to stop.

"These deals hand over enormous power and decision making authority to these groups with little transparency and accountability on what is supposed to be public land. We need our elected officials instead to allocate proper resources for our parks; it’s what the public pays taxes for... It is the government's legal responsibility to properly fund our public parks, not private citizens or businesses."

What Croft said. I'm waiting for a few rich people who have the soul of a Peter Cooper, for example, to hand $1billion to the City Parks Department as part of a program to eliminate all the conservancies that are eating up our public park space to "raise funds" with "private events." Michael Bloomberg doesn't qualify, obviously.

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